fao karen 130770

Hi hun just posting as had my scan today,all seems ok baby measuring a good size,nearly 4lb already!think i'll av another biggun!was worried this mrnin as had lots of braxton hicks but had an internal n everthing is ok thankfully!got a d8 for having sutures removed 1st may,6 wks time although he said it looks like a v strong stitch n he may not b able 2 remove it!aah.He said hel av a go n if not then i'll av to have a casearean!u were right bout the general,he said it'll b much safer for me to have a spinal so spinal it is!i'm bit scared bout that tho!!quite excited now as it all seems 2 b moving quickly!He confirmed again that we r having another little girl which im glad of scene as i've bought lots of pink things now!!Anyway i'll stop rambling now,hope u r ok lv Hanna x



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