Advice please? What medicine CAN I take?

Hi ladies,I'm just wondering what medicine I can use. I've had a bit of a cold coming for a few days but the last 24 hours have been bloody hard! My eyes are red and swollen,my glands are up,my throat is red raw and my nose is sooo blocked and runny! I was up literally ALL night,had about an hours sleep because lying down makes it worse.

I've tried everything,honey and lemon drinks,paracetamol,vicks rub,hot bath,sleeping propped up and throat sweets but nothing has worked and I feel so bad,I know I won't sleep again tonight,and I can feel it heading to my chest (I'm asthmatic so prone to chest infections,not sure how they'd treat in pregnancy though!) Can someone suggest something?? ANYTHING pleeeeaaase ladies!!

K 13+2 xx


  • I would say you have tried everything I could have thought of I am afraid. The only other thing would be to go to your GP and get something safe. They may be able to prescribe a nasal spray or similar to ease the symptoms for you.

    Keep your chin up hun xx
  • Hiya, I had a bad cold when I first got pg, then flu over Xmas. I'm afraid it's only paracetamol hon! If you do end up with a chest infection they can give you antibiotics in pg, they just give you a certain type. I know you've tried a lot, but have you tried steam inhalations? I did 3 per day which was a pain but really helped, I just put in 2 drops olbas oil. Hope you feel better soon!
    Ames x
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