Hi I don't want to scare anybody but my friend has just had to terminate her pregnancy because a scan revealed her baby had spina bifida.
It was a very tough decision but the little thing had a big hole in its back and they said wouldn't live for very long past 5.
If you're not already doing so, please please PLEASE take folic acid. Just such a small thing can save a baby's life.

Folic acid, known as folate in its natural form, is one of the B-group of vitamins. Folate is found in small amounts in many foods. Good sources include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, peas, chickpeas and brown rice.
Other useful sources include fortified breakfast cereals, some bread and some fruit (such as oranges and bananas).


  • OMG thats so awful, ur friend must be in pieces, was she not taking folic acid for the first 12wks? Kerry xxx

  • No she didn't. Shes already got 2 kids maybe just complacent. I don't think she realised just how important it is
  • Well i think thats an eye opener for everyone, i was taking folic acid but i must admit i didnt always take it everyday i just kept forgetting, luckily everything is fine with baby tho. Kerry xxx

  • im scared after readin this i dint take all ma folic acid tablets and i avnt seen ma baby since 7 weeks , i av got another 3 weeks to go . im so worried x
  • Try not to worry hun, although it is definately true that taking folic acid reduces the risk of having a baby with spina bifida not taking it doesn't mean that your baby won't be ok. It is quite a rare condition, just think of all the people who aren't planning a baby and don't find out untill late on that they are pregnant. Almost all of them go on to have healthy babies.

    So sad for your friend though anatoriac, she must be devestated havign tomake such a tough descision.
  • My friend is engaged to someone with spina bifida and he is in his twenties. I would say folic acid is important and reduces the risk. However, aimee try not to worry as people in the past i.e. when my mother was pregnant, folic acid wasnt' essential. I only took folic acid from 6-11weeks as my dates were wrong. My risk of having a spina bifida child was in the lowest bracket.
    Also aimee, even if you havent taken your tablets regularly, im sure you've had some vegetables and fortified cereals which have contained folic acid. xxx
  • last yr i ada termination went to the doctors and found out i was 16 w preg n everythin was ok thing was i dint even know i was preg biggest regret of my life x
  • Oh, I'm so sorry.

    I didn't want to scare anybody. I didn't find out I was pregnant till I was about 8 weeks gone. I started taking folic acid as soon as I found out but the first 8 weeks I wasn't - also smoking and drinking cos I didn't know I was preggers (Max was unplanned). But he is fine.

    I'm sure baby will be ok, it is quite rare affecting about 0.1% of the population worldwide.
    Scans are exciting because you get to see baby but also scary in case they find anything wrong - everyone is always a bit anxious but try not to worry too much, sweetie I'm sure bab is fine xx

    Let us know how the scan goes :\)
  • well babys dad says he is goin scan with me now he says he aint cos the dates dnt match , ( they take the date from ya last period ) so he thinks baby aint his , refuses to tlk to me or anythin x
  • OMG sweetie thats so not what you need right now. :\(

    Do you know its definitely his?
  • Im very sorry for your friend anatoriac, that must have been awful for her image

    I was 13 weeks by the time I found out and started taking folic acid then. As the other girls say, try not to worry aimee, its a recommendation and many people dont know they are expecting just like i didnt. I was also a smoker and had a lot of parties and girly drinking sessions during those 13 weeks so that did worry me at first but I stopped smoking straight away and have only had 1 glass of champagne since (at a wedding!).

    Zo xxx

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