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Hi there ladies

I had my 30-week antenatal check this morning and when the midwife measured me she found that I'd only grown 1/2 cm since my last appointment (at 27 weeks). She didn't seem overly concerned as she said I palpated really well, the heartbeat is fine (145/150 bpm), and as I'm tall she said some women measure smaller because there's more room for baby to spread out. Anyway instead of going back in 4 weeks time I've to go back in 2 weeks to be re-measured. If I still haven't grown much they will scan me to make sure baby is developing properly. Although I'm not too worried (at the moment!) I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced the same thing?

Serena xxxx


  • I'm going to the hospital tomorrow to be assesed for the same thing. At my last midwifes apointment at 31 weeks I was measuring 30cm, now at 34 weeks I am only 31cm. My midwife is pretty sure that it is because the baby is lying transverse (sideways) and I think she is right so I'm not worried. In my area I have to see a consultant to be refered for a scan, hence the hospital visit tomorrow. Pain in the arse as it is oh's day off and we could have done something much more intresting! I think that these lo's just like to worry us!
    Kerry xx
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  • Thanks ladies. Good luck tomorrow Kerry. I hope all's well. You're right, these babies do like to worry us!!

    I thought you saw the midwife every 2 weeks from 30 weeks too Zoey, but my midwife definitely said she'll see me in 2 weeks to make sure I've grown rather than the usual 4 weeks so I don't know what that's all about! Nightmare! xxxx

  • My experience is the opposite, i measured 27cm at 28wks then wen i was measured at 32wks i was 35cm so i had a huge jump. However im only little so there is less room for baby to spread out and it all seems to be bundled up, lol. Sure everything will be fine all women grow at different rates and many women get sent for growth scans at this stage to ensure all is as it shud be. Gud luck anyway, Kerry xxx

  • Thanks Zoey. My appointment is on 29th May so the following one should be around 10th June as they're normally on a Tuesday, so yeah they will be pretty much the same as you. I'm not too worried about the fundal height, however I might start to worry if I still haven't grown much by 29th May! I wouldn't mind seeing my lo on a scan again though, but only if everything is ok!! How are you and Ruby? Coping with this heat OK?

    Thanks for the reassurance Kerry. I don't know why they bother measuring us at all cause like you say all women grow at different rates and it just causes extra worry we just don't need! xxxx

  • I feel guilty to say I'm actually feeling really good. The only niggle I have is swollen ankles at the end of the day from sitting down too long I guess. Sorry to hear you're struggling with your breathing in this heat. If it's any consolation, I think the weather's supposed to change in the next day or two so hopefully you'll feel a bit better then xxxx

  • I must admit I don't want the weather to change either. I finish work in 3 weeks and I really want it to be nice and warm and sunny so I can just chill for a few weeks before baby puts in an appearance! Sounds like Ruby won't go the distance honey so you might get your wish. It'll be good if she stays in a while longer though! xxxx

  • Oh you poor thing. At least you can get plenty of rest now though which must be easier for your breathing. I can't imagine not having to work again! I'd love to give it a go though! I finish on 6th June but will go back to work part-time on 30th March 2009! It seems like ages away but I know the time will fly by and I'll be back at work before I know it!! xxxx

  • I just looked on my notes and it said fundal height 28cm..I'm 24 weeks so is that normal?
  • I measure 29 weeks and I am actually 32 weeks. Midwife wasn't bothered at all and I don't see her again until 34 weeks. She didn't mention growth scans or anything but the it wasn't my usual midwife.

  • I think as long as you've grown each time you're measured it's fine. My midwife is keeping an eye on me because I've only grown 1/2 cm between weeks 27 and 30 where the 'average' growth rate is 1 cm per week! xxxx

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