Calling everybody who is having a boy or had boys?

Hi girls

I posted my scan pics on here and it;s got us all thiking. Amy said she thought it was a little boy due to the white bit right between the babies legs, has anybody who is having a boy had this on the 12 week scan ot anybody who has had boys had this??

It would be sooo good to see if this is true?

K xx
14 weeks today


  • Sorry I cant help on this one, but I just looked at my scan pics and you can see a white bit inbetween the legs of the baby.

    I am going to hunt out my little girls scans and compare them

    AnneMarie xxx
  • You can't tell at 12weeks what sex the baby is hon, it is just too early! The absolute earliest is 13weeks as that is when bits become visible, but in reality you can't really hope to know for sure much earlier than 16weeks. Private places such as baby bond won't even do a gender scan before you are 16weeks.

    Seriously wait a couple more weeks and get a proper scan done or wait till your 20 week scan. You don't want to convince yourself it is a boy and then discover it is a girl. I'm not saying Amy is wrong, I have no idea, I mean after all, she has a 50% chance of being right! But don't set your heart on it until a professional can tell you for sure.

    Niblett xxx
  • I dont think you can tell at 12 weeks, when I had my scan the sonographer said the very earliest is 13 - 14 weeks and even then its not easy!

    15+4 xx
  • Niblett this is just a bit of fun hun I was one day away from 13 weeks when I had the scan and have looked loads on line and you can tell though it;s only like 80% chance they could be right which is why most places don't tell.

    Hubby and I would be over the moon either way honestly image It would be intresting to know though if on the girls 12 weeks scans they did have a white area between their legs or not.

    Its all so exciting, I will know for sure in 7 weeks woo hoo

    K xx
    14 weeks.
  • The white bit could be either! I'm not sure if you watch pregnancy programmes as obsessively as me but all babies start out with a sticky out nub,which either lengthens to form a penis or shortens to form a clitoris. That's why sonographers cannot tell you at that stage,it could go either way!

    I had a scan at 16 weeks with my son,she said he was a boy (correct!) but could only give me a 60% guarantee as it was a bit early! Even at 20 weeks they aren't 100% sure!

    I'd wait until your 20 week scan or book a baby bond one xx K 14+2

  • sorry to gatecrash but Ive had two girls and a boy and had white "bits" on all three scan pics........sorry!
    I was told it was too early to tell at 12weeks aswell.
    I would wait for your next scan babe just to make sure xxxxxxx
  • LOL really that shoots that out the window then hee hee.

    I was hoping for a girl but then got all excited it could be a boy. It's mad really I could never wait till we had the baby that would kill me LOL

    K xx
    14 weesk
  • When I went for my 12wk scan the sonogropher said that the baby had moved into a positon so they may be able to tell what it is, I couldnt breathe and then said can you and she said no its too early so I'm not sure if she tried to look or not. Either way im having an early 16wk scan on 23rd to see if I can find out - two weeks to go yay!

    I keep changing my mind on what I think it is as different people keep giving me different opinions.

    I had a boy first time but I have just checked that scan and sorry hun it just has a pic of his head so cant see if there was a white bit or not

    Georgie xx
  • The worst thing is if the sonogropher got it wrong and said you were having a boy and it came out as a girl and you had bought lots of blue stuff and nothing pink - that happened to someone on here, they didnt know it was a girl until she was in labour and it had a really fast heartbeat - what a shocker!

  • Hi

    I have a white bit on my scan pic but not jumping to any conclusions will have to wait till the end of March. Although everyone says its a boy xx
  • I had a boy in October and I had my scan done at 15wks (I'd had 2 ear;y scan so 12wk was delayed to 15wks) anyway there was a white bit on my scan but it never occured to me that might be his bits. It was a total surprise when he arrived as we were convinced I was having a girl. S x
  • Hiya hon, that's so interesting re the white bits!

    my cousin had to have a private 12 wk scan as lives in Wilts where they don't do scans til 20 wks (!!) The sonographer said "don't quote me but I'd say that's a boy" but she's just had 20 wk scan and it's actually a girl! So I think they can have an idea as you say at that stage, but things can change...oooh, you will find out soon, soooo exciting hon!! x

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  • i thought your scan pic looked like a boy because of the white bits, i'm going to check my lo's scan pics later (i have a girl and a boy) and i'll let you know. x
  • i had my 1st scan at 14 weeks and we could tell we was having a boy because his todger was actualy sticking up and you can clearly see it on the pic!!! LOL x
  • I was a day away from 13 weeks when i had my scan and i thought i could see a little willy and even on pic now it looks different from the girls ones. I had a private gender scan at 16 weeks and yes it was a boy. He is now nearly 7 months xxxx
  • My baby is lying on its side hiding its modesty LOL!!! Only 6 weeks 2 days till we can hopefully find out what flavour it is!! I only hope its not shy! I want to see it baring all LOL!!


  • I definitely saw a white bit between the legs on our 17 week scan, and I've just been over the 12 week ones again, but they're rubbish quality (poor boy looks like Homer Simpson on most of them) and it's very difficult to tell, but there is a white blob on one of them in the family jewels area, so maybe that's what it was.

    As everyone says, 12 weeks is really early to tell, but a friend of mine had a similar experience at her 12 week scan and she now knows that it is definitely a boy, so it's not out of the question, but I still wouldn't start painting the nursery blue just yet!
  • Hiya,
    My friend had that at her 12 week scan and my other friend who had done a few months of mw training said it was defo a boy. Turns out its a girl!!!!

  • we r having a boy- bt cd only tell at the 20 wk scan- we spotted hs bits very easily on the screen- the hosp i wnt 2 dont tell u till ur 24 weeks- so lata tht day we went 2 a private clinic 4 gender scan. it was very obvious... bt im pretty sure with ur scan its not possible to tell yet
  • K-Lou get an early 16 wk scan - please - then we will know what we are having the same week, Im finding this wait unbearable and your post is driving me mad not knowing. Ive got two weeks until my gender scan on 23rd Feb.

    14 weeks today xxx
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