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Hi woomummy hope all is going well. I hope you dont mind me asking, but i noticed that you said in you post that you had a diabettic appt and if it is gd you have just wonderd if you could tell me at what gestation it was picked up at? also what sort of care you have been given. I ask because in my last pregnancy i was given the gtt but my cons had over looked the fact that i had- had steroid injections so the results were void. And when i had my son at 32+0 he was 5lb4oz (small but big for his gestation considering i had pe). Anyway diabeties runs in my fam and when i told the mw all this she said tests would be done at 28wks which i feel is too late. Any info from any one would be gratley appreciated.

Many thanks in advance Hannah xx


  • Hi hun - no probs am happy to help, i do have gd and it was picked up at 28weeks just like your mw has advised you...seems this is the gestation stage that they do the test!

    Treatment wise ive had app every 2wks with my consultant and diabeties team - they tried to control it through diet but i was put on insulin at 31weeks, theres no diabeties in my family, i was only reffered for the test because of the size of this bubba and my previous ones....38wk (8lb6.5) and 34wks (7lb1) this lil one was measuring 6lb1 at my 33wk growth scan so looks like hes going to be even bigger! My cons is farely sure i had it in the previous pgs also.....let me know what happens, how many wks are you?? image
  • Thankyou ever so much im about 8ish weeks but am tired all the time drink loads and wee loads too. I no all this can be because of the baby but still want to insist on having a gtt befor 28weeks as i do have a weight problem and it does run in the family. What sort of symptoms did you have? if any
    Again thankyou
    Hannah x
  • I was tired alot and drunk and weed more also - but this could of been side effects of pg anyway so hard to tell.....i never had glucose in my wee though which i know is a sign! I know they need to wait til 28weeks for the test to be accurate though hun xxxx
  • Thankyou im just worried that there could have been an underlying problem and i no- no two pregnancies are the same but i never had any of this in my first preg and with having one premature birth think im prob more aware of every little twinge or feeling ect.
    Any way how are you doing? it can't be too much longer now for you. I bet your really excited, do you no what you are having?
    Hannah xx
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