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My tum is aching

Hey everyone, lovely day outside today!
Certainly makes me feel happier when its sunny image
Hope your all okay and babies too, well my problem today is my tummy is really aching me its not painful really bad, more of a dull ache its really difficult to explain but it feels different to any other day, i am confused.
Its quite low down where it aches most but is still everywhere else on my bump. Im 35+3 and bit worried, oh and also when does babies head engage? my babys head is still 5/5 engaged which ive been told is 'free'.
??? please help ????

Loads of love, Sophia x


  • hi . don't worry too much about babies head engaging, some times it can happen when you go into labour, but you will probably find that in the next couple of weeks baby will engage.
    that aching you are ahving may be down to sheer weight of baby, your waters and all that go with it. it can be very uncomfy. but if you do become more uncomfy phone for some advice.
    i have been havimg very strong braxton hicks and periody pains down low for a few days, it is worrying. good luck.xx
  • hi, thanks for reply. im probably over reacting but i do get worried as i dont know what to expect especially as this is my first baby.
    It prob is weight of baby as the past 2 weeks my bump has came from nowhere!!
    hope your ok and b/hicks calm down for you x
  • hi sophia xx xxx
  • hi, my baby has been head down since 24 weeks and im 29 now so don't think its anything to worry about.
  • Hey how are you today?
    im ok just feeling unwell cause my tum is aching and feels really heavy today image
    x x x
  • yeah not to bad have got my daughters sore throat coming not the present i wanted for my b day lol!!! try having a nice warm bath see if that helps your tummy and rest wellxxxx
  • god i know how crap is that? ur bday tomoro isnt it??
    i will have a bath later on i cant even move at moment! x x x x
  • yeah its tomorrow!!!!!!!!!hope you feel betterr soon xxx
  • And me! ah you will have a fab day, sore throat or not xxx
  • hi try not to worry i have real bad aches last few days,sometimes i cant move they are like stitch pains....My babys head was engaged at 34 wks and was free at my last appointment (38 wks) they bob around as much as they like its all normal my midwife tells me !x anyway i only have 6 days until my due date ,and i not sure if he engeged again or not ,will find out on wednesday though ,can't wait xx(hope this helps a little )......
  • Hi Kaysc, thanks for reply. Hope all goes well with mw appointment i have my 36week appt on wednesday.
    6 days is not long at all!! I have 32 days to go x x x
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