Craving smells

I am really craving certain smells. Solvent type smells (if that makes sense) like furniture polish, paint, turps that kind of thing. Im dying to polish my entire house and sniff the turps under the sink!!!! What does this mean? So far I have resisted sniffing the turps but I really am finding it hard. I assume it can probably be quite damaging to smell solvents but i really want to. What can I do?


  • Hello!
    Sorry this has made me giggle!! :\)
    I have no idea what it means-but I'm sure there is a meaning-however my mum had a friend who used to keep a hanky in her bag soaked in Jayes fluid which she woud sniff. Also she would travel round the city centre at lunch time visiting the sites where tarmacing was being done so she could have a sniff!!
    Hope you manage to get a new craving soon!!
    Lydia xx
  • Would something like Dettol - strong but not harmful - fulfil the craving?

    You can come round to mine and polish it from top to bottom, if you'd like! image

  • Hang on, I do mean Dettol, don't I? The stuff you can gargle with if you have a sore throat, or dab on wounds?

    Clearly I DON'T mean the stuff you put down the loo!
  • I have been craving similar smells but luckily ive not gave in to some. We've got road works round our area at the moment and i could happily sit and smell the tar being laid all day and the other day i got a big whiff of petrol when my partner was filling the car and just wanted to bottle the smell and take it home. If it wasn't for me looking like some crazy drug addict or harming the baby i would attach something under my nose with the smells on to make me happy. lol. xxx

  • I have been having exactly the same thing!!! The smell I crave the most is petrol, I absolutely love it and can't get enough when I'm filling up the car. I crave it sooo bad that I get upset I can't have it lol. I was stood in my friends shed for ages the other day breathing in the smell from her petrol lawn mower. No idea what it means but glad I'm not alone lol.

  • hmmm i have a weird one.... i love the smell of must or like damp towls. the other day on purpose i took all the washing out the machine but left in a towl for a few hours so that it would get that damp smell and then i could smell it!! weird i know lol xx
  • hiya - with my irst pregnancy i craved the smell of lavender. I had essential oil bottles ad used it in bath, on pillow and sniffed it all day long. I used to put drop onto a sponge, and soak it in boiling water for the fumes!!! How strange that we crave smells!!! Not really craving smell this time except cleaning products do smell fantastic at the moment - e.g flash!!
  • Hi there! It's good to know i'm not alone... i've also been craving the smell of solvents, especially nail varnish, marker pens, paint etc. My oh is a vehicle paint sprayer and when he comes in from work i just sit there and sniff him... Mmmmmmmmmm heaven!
    I am also obsessed with dettol green apple, i scrub my sink in the kitchen about 10 times a day, i'm addicted! It's nicer mixed with lemon washing up liquid, it makes lots of lovely smelling foam.
    A less harsher alternative i've found is fabric conditioner. How weird that we all craving bad stuff?
    I'm also addicted to Gaviscon double action heartburn tablets, it's says they are safe to use in pg as the liquid makes me sick, bt recently i've been eating them like sweets. I'm naughty aren't i?
    It's strange as my only real craving last time was cake and cornflakes. (not together)
    Katie, mummy to Erin, 11 mnths and 36+3 wks pg with blue bump. X
  • when i was pregnant i craved sniffing washing lol
  • My husband uses Ben Sherman body spray deodorant and I can't get enough of it or him when he's used it, funny last night he got in from work and said my body spray is not air freshener then we laughed - he'd caught me out I spray it around the living room and can sit there for ages smelling it, breathing it in :lol:
  • When I was pregnant with my son I also got the damp smell craving. I found the best way to satisfy it was by sniffing a sponge - which I did loads. It couldn't have soap on it though, just had to have that musty, damp smell. Cellars are also good.
  • This post is so amusing!!! I haven't really got any smells that I am craving but I do have some smells that I now absolutly (sp!) CANNOT stand (but loved them before I got pregnant)

    Han xx

  • Im still resisting the turps but we went to b&q last night and it was heaven!!!! I want to move into the wood varnish aisle of b&q.
  • yes i'm going to try smelling the sponge for the damp smell but when i do i always get an urge to bite it lol eek. xx
  • hiya

    with my first i craved the smell of a burning fire! now though it's petrol and gloss paint. we only moved in January and are still glossing the doors ,and we live behind a petrol station so i have been taking walks up there and looking a bit strange hanging around for a bit!

    jo 32+2
  • with my first i craved the smell of hoover bags and freshly hoovered rooms very strange!!!!
  • My craving is turpentine and ice lol!!!i also love the smell of petrol furniture polish nail varnish remover an the taste of black pepper everything has to be heavily covered in black pepper lol strange!!with my 1st child it was flash orange spray bleach I car eyed it round on a cloth everywhere now I do the same with turps put a tiny bit on the cloth an sniff it to high heaven lol 

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