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Ok so i figure i am at most 4 weeks along my first dr apt is on the 22nd and i will find out for sure then but i am already so BLOATED is anyone else or is this just me!!!!


  • im 6+1 and definietly feeling bloated! Not really eating much either as feeling quite sicky! xx
  • Good hopefully its not just me i havent gained any i just feel kinda like the feeling i cant suck in and are uncomfortable in my skirts and pants
  • I was so bloated from 6 weeks that I looked 4 months pregnant!! x
  • yes me - i have a pop belly!!!!! i have gained 1lb but looks more like a stone!!!!!

  • i had bad bloating in the 1st tri, i could easily pull off looking 5 months easily but as QB says it did ease around 12 weeks!

  • I was really bloated and i also had a lot a pains/cramps which was quite scary in the first few weeks until i realised it was stomach pains not baby pains!! The doc gave me something to stop the cramping.

    The bloating will soon go away, hope you feel better soon

    Kirsty 15+2
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