I too am not having any fun?

I don't even know why i am soo upset I know it will all be worth it in the end I just wish i could make my other half understand how i feel. As far as he is concerned i wanted to be pregnant so i should enjoy it and stop being so miserable and mardy.

I so far have felt sick most of the way through, heartburn has been more or less constant since about 20 weeks. Three days last week i was in agony with belly leg and back pain but that has gone now. (i think i overdid things at work) I know we don't have much money at the momment, But we should be grateful for what we have got. we have have just had alot of work done in our counsil house which is now finnished. We have got most of the presents we wanted i only have 2-3 weeks left to work before my maternity and7 weeks before little one comes. But at the momment i just feel so damm fed up, bored and upset set and i don't even know why. I don't understand. I am an emotional; wreck at the minute and i jjust can't explain why.

hope every one has a nice christmas good luck.

Paula 31+4 days.


  • I have just been given a job to do to stop me being bored and fed up And my OH finnishes work soon so he can cheer me up I feel better already having got that little rant off my chest see you all soon.

    Merry xmas.
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