To those of you who have had BAD morning sickness!! :\(

Well, for the last 3 days I feel worse than ever. Can't keep down water or anything, and I feel so weak. Have been to the doctor, visited an after hours clinic that NHS direct sent me to, and off to doc again later...

Got anti sickness tablets from the out of hours clinic but I can't see how they'll work because I'm sick too often for them to get into my system.

It's really worrying thinking about your little bean having no nutrition or even liquid :\(

Given up worrying about work cus there's no way in hell I could be there today...

Woe is me!! Anyone else who has suffered I would love to hear from you! xx

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  • Hiya,

    Have you been diagnosed with hyperemesis? This is what i had and couple of other girls on here have had it too... it really is horrible. I ended up in hospital on a drip several times and was signed off work. The anti sickness drugs do work if you can hold them down long enough!

    Don't worry about your bubs - the reason you feel so poor is because he/she is taking all your goodness. Try and get water down you if you can (trust me i know how hard it is to even do this sometimes) and if you really can't keep going back to your doctor - you need to be admitted for fluids if you can't even keep water down.

    It does end eventually - how far along are you?

    There's a good website with a bit of help and advice here:

    Steph xx
  • Hiya, I had hyperemesis, it was horrible. Literally I couldnt even keep down a few sips of water, let alone food. Ive been signed off work since 23rd December as I was passing out all the time also. Was in hospital a few times on a drip, tried all sorts of anti-sickness, nothing worked, not even when they gave it to me through the drip. It was the worst time of my life, and being my first pregnancy I was worried constantly.
    The nurses told me it was a good sign I was sick because my hormones were high and baby was fine.
  • No I haven't been diagnosed with hyperemesis. Have only been like this for the past 3 days (I am 13 weeks), before then I had manageable morning sickness (vomiting every other day, feel nauseus every day).
    Thanks for your replies, I really feel for you both having had it so long. 3 days is nothing I know, but just worried it will carry on.

    I'm really hoping the doctor this afternoon takes me seriously - I feel a bit out of control sat at home, and it can't be right not even being able to keep down a sip of water...

    Thanks again girls xx
  • Hi coco. I've been off sick for 5weeks. Been sick everyday. And diagnosed with hypermeris. Its awful. I've kept more down last few days as i've eaten constantly. I feel so guilty about work and keep thinkin about the kids on my caseload, but what can i do? Listen to your body and take care of yourself. If doctor says you need hospital or more time off then take it! Hope it gets better for you soon. Lisa 15+4
  • Thanks MrsN - you've had such a tough time of it. I hope you feel better soon too xx
  • Hey coco

    I replied yesterday to your post about feeling guilty being off school - don't let that continue because that will make you feel worse! I'm a teacher too and have been off since September - remember that schools have insurance policies to deal with long term sickness so take as much time as you need to get through it!

    I too have hyperemesis - I started being sick at 4 1/2 weeks and I'm now 36 1/2 weeks and still have it! I must stress that mine is a very severe and unusual case - most people do not suffer all the way through!!! I lost 3 and a half stone, and only just now weigh more than I did at the beginning - that's the silver lining!!!

    It is a horrible condition - I've spent many weeks in hospital and it took a long time to find the correct medication for me.. Since 16 weeks, I have been prescribed ondansetron (in suppository format as I can't keep the tablets down!) which I take every two days and they do keep it more under control, although I am still sick most days!!

    Don't worry about the baby's development - I literally ate nothing for days and sometimes weeks on end, and could barely keep any fluids down either and my little one is doing really well - growing as she should be and very active! Babies are parasitic, so they take everything that they need from you, leaving you with sod all and feeling terrible, but you don't care as long as the babe is OK!

    Each time I started to feel better when I was in hospital, I found that eating tiny amounts of fresh pineapple and a little yoghurt helped, but don't try this until you are on the mend or you'll never eat it again!!!!

    I really hope that your doctor listens to you today - mine was great when he finally understood how awful it was becoming and admitted me to hospital on a weekly basis without even seeing me!

    The website that JamDonut mentioned is great - I used it a lot to check that how I was feeling was just the hyperemesis and nothing more severe!!

    Please keep in touch and feel free to email me to moan - depression is a very common side effect of hyperemesis and the best way to avoid this is to chat to others...

    Sorry, just realised that I've written an epic!!!

    C xx
  • hi coco so sorry to hear your feeling so rough. unfortunatly i am the same as mrs buttons and am taking the ondansetron suppositries but i take mine daily and also have 3 cyclizine a day too. im sick every day still but usually once or twice and fully expect it to be like this untill the end. i agree 100% with mrs buttons 95% of hyperemesis sufferers get depression during pregnancy so get it out and moan to us we so dont mind take care hunn hope you feel better soon
    claire x
  • MrsButtons i remember when you first got sick i was still pregnant with my lo and still being sick (and very depressed about it), i think i replied to you when you first posted about it - i ended up being sick the whole way through in the end, i can't believe you're almost 37 weeks already! After you have the baby it is incredible, you just suddenly stop feeling sick (well i did anyway thankfully) - it was lovely, i literally couldn't remember what it was like not to be nauseous. Good luck with your birth, there's finally light at the end of the tunnel image xx
  • Ladies you're wonderful! Thanks for advice.
    Just back from doc and she is sending me to hospital as I have ketones in my urine. Waiting for hubby to get home so he can take me. Oh the drama of being pregnant - I thought ttc was tough! xx
  • at least they are taking you seriously coco a lot of docs ignore hyperemesis for a while saying its normal. hope all goes well at hospital. jamdonut this is my 3rd hyperemesis pregnancy that feeling after youve given birth and have your first meal is great isnt it the sickness just dissapears completely
    claire x
  • hi this is my 4th hyp[ermemsis pregnancie and well all i can say is thank god i am nearly there!! i too had ondancetron it is the only thing that worked for me but they are very strict about handing this out, i was admitted so many times and i got so depressed it was awful but i can say in all honesty that when you hold your baby it really doesnt matter!! it is so worth it i asm prove to it, i have done it 4 times! me and mrs buttons and sxychick were all throwing up at the same time and in the end we were all given the same meds and luckily it owrked for us but it didnt take it away completly, worry stress and tiredness will make it seem so much worse all you need to do is relax and just concentrate on you it is all worth it i can promise you xx

    chloe 34+4
  • Update: just back after 2 nights in hospital on a drip! Feeling better but still weak and hoping it will stay away for as long as possible xx
  • Hi coco. Ah bless you. But i'm glad you're feeling a bit better-a stay in hospital is sometimes for the best. How long have they signed you off for? Make sure you get lots of rest! And focus on the next few months passing quickly and that you'll have your baby soon enough. Thats all that keeps me going. Lisa 15+6
  • Aah, coco

    Glad you are feeling a little better for now - have you got some drugs? Which ones? If you can eat anything, now is a good time to try - my consultant always recommends yoghurt and soup - those sorts of consistencies apparently suit your tum when it's been battered as yours has!

    Thinking of you...

    C xx
  • glad you feel a little better hunn keep us updated hugs
    claire x
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