crampy period pains,what ya think?

been getting crampy period pains on/off now for about 2 weeks, getting stronger braxtons, pain goes in back, getting lots of discharge (sorri tmi)! ne1 else getting these? hope all bumps well xx]


  • Hi I'm kind of the same, I have crampy period type pains, braxton hicks but they're not painful, just make my tummy go all tight and I have alot of discharge too. I'm only 23+5 though.
  • hia hun,i've had pains for weeks too n back ache really bad,hope baby comes out soon!!!!hanna 37wks xx
  • ive also had exactly the same was wondering if the pain was from where the baby is laying as it doesnt seem to hurt when i lay down, but getting loads of backache and discharge. xxx
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