period pain feeling 36+2

all day i have had a period pain feeling that is deffo getting stronger!


  • I have had that for a few weeks now. Asked my midwife and she said was stretching and contractions (am now 38 + 3). If you are worried call your midwife x
  • it was constant last night then went away then came back again this morning, it prob just stretching as you say but i will keep an eye on it.
  • Hello, I had this a little, I am 34 weeks. I was at the hospital having a routine scan yesterday and mentioned it to the nurse, she said if I have them again to go to the hospital. Even just for ease of mind. She did not seem worried, more intrigued. x
  • i try not to think about the pain to be honest just going with it at mo. my period pain went again last night and then back again this morning,maybe start of labour over next week,or just stretching. i had 36 wk check yesterday too and all is well so im not worried.
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