Could use your help :)

Hey ladies,

For those of you who were ttc I was hoping you could help me with a little research.

Me and dh are writing a book on fertility/ttc/early stages of pregnancy, we are doing it from the male and female point of view as when we were ttc we could have really done with something for both of us to read.

I'm doing a little research to see if other couples feel the same and I wanted to know what you would look for in a book if you were to go out and buy one? would it be something you would want to read with your partner/hubby or would you prefer to read alone? do you prefer the science side of ttc or the "real life" side?

Any other comments are really appreciated.

Thanks ladies.



  • i dont mean to sound dumb but wot is ttc?
  • Trying to Concieve - sorry the abreviations came automatically lol

  • Hiya. When we were trying we constantly had people asking "are you pregnant yet?" and "are you sure you can actually get pregnant?" which was really hurtful and made things alot more stressful, so I would have loved some advice on how best to deal with those situations.

    I personally prefer real life stuff as there are so many books telling you to eat right etc that it got me a bit obsessive and when reading Zitas book it just didn't sound like she understood at all about the actual experience itself. It's nice reading other peoples experiences so you know you're not alone. But with some science stuff as well.

    That's just me though. Good luck, let us know how it goes. xxx
  • hey caz! good idea. Think I would prefer the real life side with all the ups and downs. There was a film about this, a couple trying to concieve and he made it into a film. Can't remeber the name but it showed the highs & lows of trying for a baby. Good luck xxx
  • lol
    i dont have any experience as none of my children were planned but i think what u r doing is really good.

    there has been times where iv been really upset and sometimes guilty since coming on here and hearing other peoples stories who are so desperate to have a baby and think that something to read from some1s point of veiw who has been there is a brilliant idea - especially as men can sometimes feel a little sidelined.

    i wish u the best of luck with it!
    elaine xx
  • Hey the film was called "Maybe Baby" it was taken from one of Ben Eltons books image great film.

    When we were ttc I could really have done with advice on how to deal with hubby as he almost became obsessed and there was definitely no books out there to help. Now that I am pregnant he has learnt everything there is to know about pregnancy and was the one who sugessted the book writing to me. I have written a book before but that was on breeding of arabian horses lol so this next one is still about breeding but of people instead image

  • Hey Elaine,

    Thank you image We are both really excited about it, can't wait to get writing again although I'm sure I won't have any time to write one lo arrives.

  • Sounds like a really good idea, we were trying for ages and it would have been nice to know what had worked for other people. Sadly we were trying back in the days before this forum so I had no one to ask lol!
  • Hi

    I would definitely want to read real life stuff, but with the science thrown in if that makes sense - nothing too taxing and in laymen's terms!

    We had the same thing in that everyone knew we wanted a baby so every time they saw us they would ask 'Well?' It got to the point it got on my nerves as I felt like I was discussing private issues with them. My advice would be to not tell anyone you're trying to conceive especially as when I did finally fall pg it was hard to then deny it - that pg then led to a mmc so I had to go round telling everyone that I'd lost the baby as well.

    I think I've completely waffled - placenta brain for real this morning - sorry and I hope you understood the gist of what I'm saying!

  • I think this is a fab idea. thankfuly I've been really lucky and conceived quite easily. But I did have one mc and it would have been great to have a book that dealt with the real life aspect of this as well as successfull conception and pregnancy. Especially from a mans point of view. My OH didn't know what to do or say when I miscarried and I think it would have been great if there had been a book that included a mans point of view etc.
    The only book he has read is A blokes guide to pregnancy and he loves it. He keeps quoting it back to me, I think the way it is written is fab. Good luck with the book. Suz x
  • I think this is a great idea.
    I dont have any experience myself, we were quite lucky it worked at first try. I would personally look for real life experience as i feel there are plenty of science info aroung.
    Good luck. xxx
  • I think this is a brill idea. There are lots of science books out there so my thoughts are it should be about the shit that is the real life of being pregnant and that realisation that a lot of it is not much fun!! You need to serialise the babyexpert website!!
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