Raspberry leaf tea...

hi everyone, tried putting this up on the labour & birth forum but has be recommmended i put it on here as well...
atm i'm 32+1 & was just wondering when it's best to start with the whole raspberry leaf tea??? & how much you can take in a day kinda thing.
any advice would be appreciated


  • hi ya i have posted this a few times but dont really get replys,, i am 32+3 and brought the tea the other day but also wondering when to take it as on my packet it says not to be taken in early pregnancy ie before 32 weeks! and im really confused others say after 34-35 weeks ???//
  • I took it from 35 weeks, at least 3 cups a day. it's doesn't start labour but helps to prepare the cervix and muscles for labour, I believe.
  • so do you think 32 is early to be taking it ??
  • all the boxes I've had have all said 35 weeks, so for the sake of 3 weeks I would wait, it's not long in our terms but makes all the differance for the baby. thats just my opinion, not medical. HTH
  • yeah im in no hurry!!! i have to bring myself to do it anyway as never been a fan of herble tea and they didnt have the capsules !!! so 35 it is then!!!!
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