Iron Tablets

Im sorry-Im getting really upset over this, Ive just explained everything thats been going on with the dr's to a friend and Im litrally in tears and I know Im being reallly stupid but I just feel like everythings going against me (which I know is extremely OTT when you consider what Im about to rant on about)
I had a moan about this before so some of you may remember some of it, but basically I rang my drs and asked for a represcription of my gaviscon, they said yes but when I went to pick it up they said they didnt have it so I just bought some because Im getting really bad heartburn. Then I got a call from the hospital saying my iron count was low and they were faxing it through to my drs so I could get a prescription for iron tablets. So a couple of days later I rang the drs and they said the prescription would be ready in a few days-so I went to pick it up but they didnt have it and I spent ages telling the receptionist the whole story and she looked on my file and asked if I wanted folic I said no and explained the story again and she had another look and told me they hadnt got anything from the hospital so they'd have to chase them up before they gave me a prescription so they took my number and said they'd give me a for a start they should have told me that on the phone then they could have it ready for me when they said it would be ready and secondly they havent been in touch and its been at least a fortnight.
So I sent oh to boots to pick some up for me and he's been told we're best waiting for the prescription because they dont know what type of iron tablets I need to what dosage. He explained the whole thing and they didnt help him at all, they just said they could pick the prescription up for me which is useless since my drs obviously arent gunna get the prescription ready.
I just feel like Im sruck now-I know you can buy them because my sister bought them when she was having some trouble with the drs. I know Im being stupid because its probably gunna be really easily sorted-but I just want the tablets, I dont want my bloods to be taken again and have it on my records that Im low on iron again;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png


  • Awww hun how awful for u, i hate it wen u feel like everyone is against u and no-one seems to want to help (especially stupid receptionists and gp's, i hate myn). Anyway i dnt know if this is any help but wen i was prescribed iron tablets i didnt want to start taking them (coz of side effects) so i went to tesco and bought Spa Tone. U get 14days supply and they are little liquid sachets that u just add to a bit of orange juice. They were quite expensive (??4.50, i think) but it is concentrated iron designed for pregnant women and the side effects weren't half as bad as the tablets. Hope ur dr's pull their finger out and get it sorted tho its terrible ur been treated like this. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks ladies, I know Im really over reacting but...well I suppose you know how it gets.
    Thankyou Kerrie-Ill have a look see if I can find them today;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

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