Group B streptococuss...anyone had it or got it??

Hey there ladies,
I was diagnosed with Group B strep last week and its freaked me out. I'm 28+2 wks pregnant and had bleeding which is why they started to run tests on me. The bleeding has stopped and baby and me are fine now but since finding out I have strep I feel a bit lost. DOes anyone have it this early in their pregnancy and have they had a preterm baby?? I keep being told it doesn't cause a preterm baby but i've spoken to two girls who had it and they both had preterm babies. Also if you have had a baby already what was it like?? I was hoping for a natural birth but have been told i'll be induced, is this normal??
So confused:\?


  • Hi hun, I started to get pains at 34 weeks with my second and went in for monitoring as my first was born at 35 weeks. I also had a swab taken and was told I would be contacted by my MW if any infection showed. I went into labour at 38 weeks, and 2 days after his birth a MW approached and asked if anyone had told me that I had tested + for GBS. I had never heard of it, so she explained a bit, gave me a leaflet and asked if I would stay in an extra night for me n babs to be monitored. After reading the leaflet I was in complete panic and hardly slept all night, imagining that his breathing was odd etc!!! I couldnt relax and enjoy his first few weeks as I was paranoid that he would come down with the infection (its important that everyone who handles baby washes their hands thoroughly, I think I drove everyone nuts nagging them all the time!)

    With my third, I printed off a load of info from the GBS support website, and took it to every appt. I was worried that as my labours were so quick I wouldnt get to hospital in time for the antibiotics. MW said my consultant was keen for me to be induced so they could make sure I had the a/b in my system, even if I tested negative (NHS test at 36 weeks).

    Test came back negative, waters broke at 39 weeks, phoned labour ward and was told to go sraight in due to previous GBS (told them when I phoned). Contractions then stopped, and was told by doctor that I would be left 96 hours before being induced! I argued that I was worried about the risk of infection,and finally they agreed to induce me. Was not, however, given any a/b. Instead I had to stay in for 3 days again for monitoring!!

    Check out the GBS support group website. Its really good and I found it very helpful. There is also a private test (which you have to pay for, it was about ??35.) They send a swab to your doctor and they swab u and send it off. Apparently the NHS test is not very reliable and can give a false negative ( a positive result is reliable tho). This, naturally, gave me something else to worry about cos kept thinking 'what if I had a false negative?!' :lol:

    BTW I didnt really want to be induced, I was just worried about the risk of infection after waters breaking. I dont think there is any reason to induce you just because you have GBS. As long as they can get the a/b in (if you test + at the time) then there shouldnt be any reason for it. Sorry for the long post, but just wanted to give you as much info as poss. 'cos I know how worrying it is. If you have any other queries the GBS website is the place to look. Good luck hun x
  • I also have GBS. I wonder why you are being induced? Cause I was told just to come in as soon as I think I'm going into labour. No beating around the bush!!

    Hate the hole drip thing. But the things you do for kids hey?
  • I didn't find out that I had GBS until my son was 2 days old. He was 5 days late and they took a swab when I was in labour. My GP called me at home 2 days later to tell me I had it and to tell me to collect a prescription for antibiotics. If I have any more kids I will have to go on a drip in labour. I ended up having a C-section due to prolonged labour. My little boy is now 9 months old and a very happy chappy!!!
    All the best to you all

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