Where are you SBradley1985????

Have you moved from your step and gone into hospital???

Has the slow labour moved into a quick one????

Is there a new addition????

Why am I soooooo excitable?????


Love Lee


  • Oooh I hope she has had her little girl!

    Even though I will be so damn jealous, she is due day after me lol


  • she might just be stuck in the bath? lmao, its a hard fat life being preg isnt it! anythings possible! xx


  • Hi Ladies thanks for the concern i did get stuck in the bath lol that made me laugh
    Sorry to dissapoint but no sign of baba yet still suffering with these contractions all the time tho sooo fed up sorry not been on been really unwell last couple of days so much so ive hardly been out of bed had blood tests done and im now also anaemic level supposed to be 120 an mine is 57 so ive got no energy at all tried to get oh to log on for me and let you all no im ok but he isnt too good on computers but thought id drag my bottom on here incase you all thought id finally popped lol how is everyone else doing better than i feel i hope Sophie 37wks TODAY yay xx


  • Hiya hon!

    Really thought you were in having your lo!!!

    You must think we are stalkers - left messages on bump buddies, here, due in April!!! I really hope things move quicker for you soon coz you really are going through it aint you mate!!!

    Take care, Love Lee
  • Thanks ladies, Lee i dont think your stalkers its nice to know your all interested i keep saying to Oh that i have to log on and let you all no im ok its like a little extended family on here lol its the only time i can talk about baba and pregnancy where ppl know how i feel all i get from the rest of my family and friends is a look as if to say oh she is talking about it again lol i know there happy just think their sick of hearing it so i really miss coming on here and talking to you all so thanks again for your concern i really do appreciate it Sophie 37wks xx


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