leaky boobs....

hi folks...
i was sitting eating my dinner with OH when he goes 'whats that on ur top?' so i looked down and i had a damp patch right over my nipple am just wondering if leaky boobs are normal this early on - im 24 weeks tomorrow?


  • I've been leaking on and off since I was 19 weeks and it's getting worse! Finding it's not coming right thru yet but i can find dried in patches on the inside of my bra. I'm 22 weeks. image So I think it's all normal.
  • Hi there, I'm 33 weeks today and had leaky boobs about 3 or 4 weeks ago - only lasted for a few days but each time it came right through bra on to top - v.embarassing but only best friend and hubby saw and apparently perfectly normal and to be expected!
  • I just posted about this the other day in the Due in Feb forum as i noticed i was leaking on over the weekend and paniced coz i'm only 26+2 so thought it was way too soon but all the girlies in that forum have expereinced the same thing.

    Think it's just another one of those pregnancy things for us to contend with! x
  • This is normal for pregnancy. I had leaky boobs with my other 2 and now awaiting for it to arrive with this one.. I will be stocking up soon on johnsons breast pads as I found these were best for me, although it was six years ago now. My leaky boobs last for what seemed like ever.. They finally stopped about a week after the babies were born.
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