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Hi all

I had my 20 wk scan today all is fine but have to go back next week to finish off as baby would not keep still!

I do have one query the lady doing my scan said the placenta is anterior but then didn't elaborate in this so i don't really understand what this means.

Can anyone help



  • same thing happened with me but then he said "but thats all good" tried looking through mu notes to see if there's any explanation diagrams like there are with the posisition of baby but nothing!
  • Thanks for replying

    The lady said it was normal but i wanted to know what it ment
  • It means ur placenta is at the front. Most people's are at the back. Mine is anterior too image

    Basically it isn't a problem, it just means you will feel less movement than others. I felt my baby in the end of week 19 but some won't feel it until 24 weeks. It doesn't cause any problems during the birth.

    I'm 27+4 now and I do feel quite a bit of movement, and I can see it on the outside too, but it is more like jerks than kicks, and isn't all that hard. xxxx
  • Thanks tiger Lily

    I think it was quite high up from looking at the screen have been feeling a few kicks / movement lately am 19 + 5 currently. Little tinker wouldn't stay still though so i could be mistaken.
  • ah right!! i didnt feel my lo move till about a wk after my 20 wk scan, i thought that was just down to him being my first! deffinatly have no shortage of movement atm tho!! currently 28 +4 so i reckon he's moving to the 30 mins quiet 30 mins active stage!! not found my kidneys yet though but if his kick to the bottom of my ribs is anything to go by i dam glad he hasn't!!! lol
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