moving baby

i think i can keep feeling my baby move, but every1 told me it wouldnt be till later on coz its my first. im 16 weeks and 5 days. im positive that what im feeling, like a tickly stroky feeling. is it real or am i just imagining it!?!?

gracie and baby xxx


  • It sounds like it to me, everyone is different. I was told I would feel me moving earlier as its my 3rd but didnt feel proper movements until 19 weeks im now 22 +4

  • Hi
    I had the same at about 16 weeks and this is my first. I think your right and it is baby coz its like nothing youve ever felt in your tummy before. congratulations!!:\)
  • Hi

    I had an energency scan at 9+2 and then I saw my baby move around alot. So I can imagine that at 16 weeks as it's bigger, it would be the baby you feel moving around. There are no yes or no facts in pregnancy. It's just that we are all different. I am 10 weeks now and I'm showing like I'm 4 months. Really strange. But I cant wait to feel my baby move though. It will be fantastic.

  • Hi Gracie19

    I'm 17 weeks and I've been feeling the baby for a couple of weeks now (it's my first) - have you got a doppler? I thought the same as you and that I was imagining it but tested it with the doppler so I'd wait for movements than put the doppler where I felt the movements and the baby was right there! xxx
  • I was about 16 weeks when I first felt something that I hadnt felt before. It was definately the baby and its quite early for a 1st baby but remember everyones pregnancy is different so its very likely that its your little bubba.
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