Heartburn :-(

I've got horrid heartburn - mainly a burning sensation in my throat. :\( At first it was every now and then but now I get it every day and it's really uncomfortable. I mentioned it to my midwife last week and she said she can prescribe me something or else I could try drinking a glass of milk to reduce the acid. I decided to give the milk a go and have been having a glass of milk after eating as well as my usual hot milky drink at bedtime but it's still bad. I'm going to ask her to leave me a script to collect next week but anybody got any tips in the meantime? :\? I'm not one to suffer from heartburn/indegestion normally so its really getting me down.



  • Gaviscon, Rennies? These usually work quite well for me xxx
  • Hiya!
    I suffered with heartburn really badly even before I fell pregnant. SInce getting pregnant is has got 10 times worse!! I drink milk but it doesn't work, take gaviscon (which I hate) and it takes it away for about 10 minutes. Rennies definately work the best for me, the spearmint ones are the nicest. Also I have started to avoid the food that trigger it off. Unfortunately my craving is veg with loads of vinegar haha soooo I still get heartburn loads! grrrr

    Clare xx
  • too spooky!!
    I have just posted the exact same thing under 'baby due july 08'!

    Its terrible isnt it - i know exactly how your feeling!


  • oh and we are due the same day!!

    i have found peppermint tea helps a little xx

  • Luckily haven't got heartburn (and really hope i don't) but have had severe bouts of it before and found Peptac liquid really helps and loads cheaper than gaviscon, just ask in your local chemist (watch out they do two flavours mint or aniseed!)
  • Thanks for all the replies ladies - looks like some medicine from the mw is definately in order - I assume she will prescribe gaviscon or similar.

    I suppose I could just go and buy some (never had heartburn before but I'm sure I've seen it in the supermarket) but seems little point of she can prescribe it and save me some pennies. ;\)

    Hey that is spooky mummythomas! - I'm hoping I'll be a day late and have a 06-07-08 baby ;\)8\);\)
  • I started getting bad heartburn around 29 weeks - it's evil!!! And believe me it only gets worse aaarrrrgh!

    I find Gaviscon cool good, but it only works to an extent and you really need the maximum dose. Mines got a lot worse and even Gaviscon isn't working.

    Weird question but what milk do you buy? Whole milk is crap... it's too thick and only makes it worse...skimmed probably isnt thick enough. Semi skimmed is great, completely stops it, for me anyway! Maybe I'm weird though! xxx


  • Hi we have both skimmed and semi-skimmed in our house (both organic). I have been drinking the semi-skimmed. It's not doing the trick.

    And I had greens with my dinner today and put mint sauce on them - I suppose that wasn't agood move because of the vinegar! ... dreaming of Gaviscon now ... ! Roll on tomorrow so I can get some chemicals in me!
  • Oooh OK...vinegary things defo don't help! For me it is anything with tomatoes on it, particularly pasta and pizza. And fizzy drinks - avoid them like the plague! xxx


  • Im suffering daily now as well - it's getting worse and worse.

    For you ladies who recommend Rennies - which ones - the tablets? I've been drinking Gaviscon by the bottle (don't even bother with a spoon anymore!) but it only works for about 5 minutes. Have tried milk as well but not much good. Apparently milk with honey is supposed to be good for heartburn, but that didn't work for me either -might be worth giving it a go though.

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