oh poo! (little bit gross,sorry)

sorry if this is horribe, but im suffering when going the toilet. it really hurts and most of the time there is a bit of bum bleeding too. is there anything i can do?

anyone else suffering? imageops:



  • I had this last week! Hurt so much!!!
    You need to increase your fibre so that it makes you more regular, other things I have been doing in drinking orange juice everyday and also taking linseeds as this is a natural way to combat constipation. You can buy these from Holland & Barrett and you just need to take one tablespoon either by them self or soak in juice. Not the nicest things to swallow but really does work!
    Tammi 24+4
  • I think everyone seems to be suffering with it - I must be the only one who has not been constipated at all even tho I'm on iron tablets! I feel blessed. Lol.

    I eat a high-fibre diet so maybe that is why. Bran flakes are brilliant for giving ur digestive system a helping hand lol...You can get that Fybogel stuff too which is safe to take in pregnancy.

    Also - don't strain when u go - cos I've heard this makes it a lot worse & more prone to bleeding. xxx
  • Hi

    I was suffering really bad for a couple of weeks. So last week started eating a bowl of bran flakes every morning and drinking 4 pints of water, and now im going without a problem.

    Hope this helps,

    Kerry 19 weeks xxx
  • I agree with the others. Bran Flakes are fantastic for constipation. I eat a bowl for breakfast every morning! XXX
  • I was suffering really badly too and had a stabbing pain at base of my spine/bum after I did evenyually manage to go. It felt like I had damaged my coc-cyx. Anyway I read that eating apricots is good for constipation and now I've been eating a few every day. It's made a huge difference, not back to normal but much better than before. Suz x
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