I love being pregnant

I know I am only 13+3 and have felt rubbish for most of that but I love being pregnant, to know I have a tiny baby inside me and it's my body that is helping that baby to grow and live is mind blowing.

I went to mothercare today I must say at first I felt very out of place and like I did not belong there you know but before long there I was picking up things and looking at cots image The main reason I went was to get a new bra I am a 34 H and they never went up to my size ;-( but that then left me time to look around at all the wonderful things they had there image

K xx


  • Hi KLou
    Sorry to gatecrash but I think you have written a wonderful post. Lots of people dwell on the bad times during pregnancy but you make me want my BFP even more.
    I hope carry on enjoying your PG, it's very inspiring!
  • Ahh thank you honey, trust me I have had my fair share of moans on this site about sickness and bad backs but in the mist of things I do love being pregnant and its the best thing to ever have happened to me and my hubby image I hope you gets your BFP very soon

    K xx
  • i know what you mean, im 27+1 and love being pregnant, and now i have my bump i feel a great sence of belonging when i walk around baby shops lol. I too have had my share of moans but i know its all totally worth it
  • Hi hun, lovely to read such a positive post, good girl!! I am also loving being pregnant, despite the sickness and nausea I am in total awe of my bean, i think of nothing else!! Yipppeee!!!
    Lisa 12+2 xxxx
  • Great post! I love beng pregnant too!!

    Knowing my little boy is growing inside me is so exciting! I feel very proud, very excited and deeply in love,

    Niblett xxxx
  • Me too!!

    I LOVE being pregnant, especially now I have my bump and I can feel my baby move.

    Its incredible, I just can't wait to meet my little man now.

    Bec 25+3 xx
  • I have generally loved been pregnant
  • I just wanted to jump in and say 'me too' lol!!! I feel like I'm doing something amazing!! I'm 16 weeks today and I'm pretty sure there will come a time soon when I just want the baby out but just now I feel amazing and am loving every minute of my pregnancy!!
  • I was the same katie constantly panicking, but now i dont get the chance to, i got david to worry about lol
  • I love it too hun I finally feel like I have a real purpose in life



  • i love it also. its amazing to think we are creating a baby.

  • Klou! I know exactly what you mean!! I've had a really easy ride so far, no sickness... & I've loved it!!! Now I can feel my baby girl kick it's even more amazing! I just can't beleive my bodies created something so special! I can't wait to meet her!!!

    18+4 x
  • Hi K-Lou,
    I know what you mean, i just feel totoally amazed by the whole experience!!!! I Love It !!!

    Lisa xx
  • i did love it, but im so fed up now as baby is so big and causing so much pain in my ribs, just to keep reminding myself that its all worth it in the end image xxx
  • Lovely positive post K-Lou!
    It is the most amazing thing. Under normal circumstances you would think that 6 months of throwing up, constant heartburn and back ache would make you miserable ! But no, I LOVE being pregnant! I love waking up at 4am because of the party in my tummy and I love knowing that my baby is lovely and snug in there.

  • Ah I'm glad you posted this K-Lou. I know that deep down I'm happy I'm pregnant but I keep forgetting that because I'm having such bad morning sickness.
    I'm going to start reminding myself why I'm feeling so sick and that in the end it's going to be worth it.
  • i totally agree! i love being pregnant also, even though i do moan about the indigestion pain etc the symptoms are also reasurring. i cant wait for my bump to get bigger and start buying things for our baby. i am sooo looking forward to our scan a wk on wed, but hoping for a cancellation this week as hubby now cant make it next week as he's got to be away for work, so fingers crossed we'll be able to go this week and everything will be ok. xx

  • Lovely post ! I agree I love being pregnant, but find that fact so easy to forget when i'm sick or in pain. Been crying at my desk today because of the sheer agony i'm in but you've made me stop and think and feeling my daughter moving around inside me has reminded me that I do love being pregnant !
    MrsW 31+4
  • I love being pregnant too, Ive been very lucky and havent had any sickness. I feel great, yes I feel like a hippo, but who cares? I dont !

    21 weeks today
  • Me too, inspite of feeling crappy for the first trimester I still couldn't be un happy because I knew I was creating the most special gift in the world for me and oh. Now I have a bump and am starting to feel little one I am more in awe everyday at the miracle inside me. Now I am looking forward so much to the next 20 or so weeks so I can meet my baby.

    Sazzle 18+3
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