Driving and mat leave

Just wanted to have a bit of a moan really. I am 15 weeks pregnant with identical twins and already have a reasonable sized bump. I am really short (5ft 1) and therefore have to sit really close to the steering wheel already. Hubby and I adjusted my steering wheel and seat as far back as possible on Friday just to see and I only have a couple more inches max until my bump will be touching the wheel. I know this isn't safe and it will be uncomfortable too.

Which brings me onto my next point, maternity leave. The midwife has said I should finish at 28 weeks but my mat leave and SMP won't pay out until 29 weeks so how am I supposed to do that? There's also no way I'm going to be able to drive for another 3 months as I won't fit behind the wheel. I may be able to get a lift and hubby should be able to take me in a couple of days a week but he has to go to work too so won't be able to do the other days. There are no buses I can get without changing twice and it taking over an hour to do a 15 min journey and the train station is half an hours walk or 10 mins taxi at each end from work and home.

What on earth am I meant to do???!!!!

Sorry for such a long post, just having one of those days and needed to get it out ;\)


  • Hi

    I would mention your concerns to your midwife/doctor and possibly think about self cert-ing for 5 days to get to the 29th week or even better get a sick note to cover a month then ask to start Mat leave/smp.

    Its a bit sneaky but your having twins!

    Good luck and try not to worry

    K x x
  • do u have any annual leave or holiday entitlement that you can add on to the begginning of your mat leave. for example take hol at 28wks and start your mat leave at 29ws, or later depending on how much leave u got to take.
    as for the driving- sorry havent got a clue on that one! image
  • Why don't you try talking to the company that you work for? I know someone that I work with gets taxi's paid for as they have a medical condition that means they can't drive and therefore can't get to work any other way, xx
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