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Bye for a few days

Just to say bye for a few days. Am being induced tomorow, my oh is fineshing worl at lunch time so we can spend some qt together before the two of us become 3! Am bit scared i really hope i dont have one of those really drawn out 3 day labours. Ive put my phone on silent this morning becouse i got so pissed off with people ringing and texting. Dont get me wrong i have loved all the fuss and attention but when i say dont ring me now ill let you know when somethings happening i mean it! Ive sent 226 texts in last week. cus everytime you say nothing happening they come back with another question! Im also not as pissed off as other people think i am , again nearly every text had in it i bet your well pissed off arnt you., well i wasnt but i was by the end of the day pissed off with people asking if im pissed off!

Cant wait to hold my baby in my arms but am so looking forward to being in less pain, i know that sounds really selfish but it does do your head in in last few weeks. I think its just the lack of sleep. I used to LOVE getting into bed but now i just dread it as it is so difficult getting comfy. My oh is looking forward to WAIT FOR IT geting the big settee back! Wehave a three seater and a two seater and since ive been four months and all my problems started ive been on the big settee!

So enjoy your valentines day and i will be back in a few days hopefully. Particuarlly sending out lots of loveto all you fellow spd sufferers i really hope my labour and birth will give you something positive to think of in that we will all be free from pain!!!!!!!!!! (Lee will you tell chrochetmum i am thinking about her just in case she not at work today x):\)


  • Good luck for a quick and trouble-free delivery! Look forward to hearing from you afterwards with a piccy of your lovely lo!

  • Good luck babe!
    Enjoy your last few hours with your hubby, good luck to you both! I hope all goes well for you and dont take any crap!!!

    Cant wait to hear about your new arrival hon!
    Take care, love from Lee xxxxx
  • Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you & i'm sure you can't wait to hold your baby (v v v jealous!)!!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about the LO & hope your feeling better soon.
    Lauren (33+1) xox
  • All the very best of luck - be sure to let us know how you get on!
    Love Sarah xx
  • omg Westbrom Good luck chicky accupuncture worked it eased the pain by quite a bit i move at the actual speed of a walking toddler instead of behind it lmao! miss you comon lo hurry up and arrive we want to meet you image love
  • Good luck....looking forward to your birth story, i'm getting induced on the 24th if little tike hasn't made an appearance by then!

    Good Luck x x x
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