Had my scan yesterday!!

Hiya every one,
I had my scan yesterday, it was absolutely amazing!! I was so worried that there was gonna be something wrong, and the relief I felt when I saw the baby jumping around and waving was fantastic!!!
To all the ladies who aren't sure weather to pay for private dating scan, I would say go for it, it's definately worth the money!!! Plus if it's private you get lots of photos that are great quality and you can say when you want them taken! You also get a full half hour just to watch your baby and they show you everything. I am only 13 weeks today and the baby looked huge and fully formed, it's weird!!
Plus you get to see baby on a big screen at the end of your bed, great if you are taking children with you. My daughter (3) loved it and was glued to thye screen the whole time.
Sorry to go on but I am soooo happy.
Will put pics on here soon.


  • hi glad all went well. wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy.

    love becsx 13weeks
  • hiya faith, so glad the scan went ok for you. im really hoping that my scan will be ok when i have it sometime next week.

    midwife rang last night and took my details, she is going to ring again on wednesday and organise a date to meet which is cool! im so excited, im wishing everything goes ok and baby is happy and healthy!!!!!!

    see you soon,

  • Hiya babe,
    I can't wait for you to have your scan either, you will love it and it definately puts your mind at rest! I am fine now and although still worry about things a little bit, I don't stress over every little thing. If I ever wonder weather there is actually a baby in there I just look at the pics now lol.
    Glad midwife has got in touch now too!
    Let me know as soon as you get your scan date!!!xxx
  • Hiya RoseRed, haha, I think there's been a mix up! I posted that message about twins when I was 6 weeks, which was 7 weeks ago but people have replied recently so it looks like I posted it recently lol.
    I was only 1 day out on my estimate which is cool, I must just be getting bigger earlier etc because it's my second pregnancy.
    That would be great tho to go to your scan and find out you are 7 weeks further on than you thought! I wish that did happen and I was 20 weeks already, then I could find out baby's sex!!
  • Haha, yeah it definately would!! I'ts actually not too bad now though as the sickness is going, thank god!!! I just can't wait to have a proper bump!
    Hows things with you? How far along are you?xxx
  • I do that too, go into all the chat rooms just to see what people are up to and be nosey, it's great!
    Wow, good luck with number 3, I hope it happens soon for you! That will be a very close age gap! Great when they are older and can do loads of things together! As my daughter is 3, will just be 4 by time baby arrives, they are gonna be into very different things which might make it difficult to find a good day out for both of them. The fact that she starts school in September might make things a little easier though.xxx
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