Hi ladies,

When do you think you should stop having sex, if at all??
I'm 33 weeks and feel bit weird about having sex as baby only sleeps for a short while and just doesn't feel right when i can feel him moving around!
To be honest, i don't really want sex much anyway but thinking of poor hubby who hasn't had it for a while and has got quite a few weeks left yet!!

Its just so awkward when you've got a big bump in the way!!!

Samantha 33wks


  • i no what u mean, have not had sex for about a week and a half and tbh dont think ill even bother tryin! im 37+2 and although i feel guilty there are other ways of keeping eachother happy!
    dont do anything u dont want to, he will understand, he can see the reason!! there are positions you can try that dont affect bump (google it!) but if baby is wriggling and if your like me and bump feels like he is about to pop out then these wont even be any good!
    good luck!
  • I had nookie the other day and the next day I had a brown DC. My cervix was bruised despite trying to be very gentle. Think I will have to give it a miss but im disappointed as im worried sex will never be the same again after the baby comes.

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