Placenta Previa Update

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to update you on what happened with me, in case it happens to anyone else. At 25 weeks I was told I had placenta previa, I had had bleeding on and off since I got pregnant, some heavy, some spotting. At the time I was just told to wait and see what happened, as we all know this is easier said than done.

When PP was finally found, I was told by a consultant at the hospital to be very careful, not to over do things, not to lift anything heavy, not to exercise ( oh ok then!) not to have sex ( as if I feel like it!!) and to go to hospital at the first sign of a bleed.

I was booked in for a scan later in pregnancy, and had one yesterday, placenta has moved away- this is possible as the baby grows the uterus pulls upwards and the placenta grows away from the cervix, baby is no longer breech- this was a sign baby could not move into correct position due to position of placenta. I just wanted to tell my story in case anyone else has this, as I have spent the last 10 weeks worrying about the baby, and having a planned c section etc. I was told it is quite common to have PP at 20+ weeks, and in 90% of cases it has corrected by 34 weeks.

I had a private scan to detect the PP as I was not getting any answers on why I was bleeding, and I was not happy with being told " its just one of those things" so if anyone else is in this position, I would push for further investigation. I am glad I knew about my PP as it made me take things more carefully than I may have done.

Wish ing you all happy healthly pregnancies. I now have 5 weeks left to enjoy mine! I finish work tomorrow, and finally feel realxed about the health of the baby. Although slightly nervous that it already weighs in at 5lb!!

C xx
34 +4
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