Groin discomfort

Hi ladies,

I was wondering if any of you were experiencing this or could offer any advice....

I've been getting discomfort in my pelvic area when I stand-up/walk/move around. I've read up online about SPD and that seems like a rational explanation, but at 15 weeks, with no sizable bump yet, wouldn't that be a little early?

Its not a pain, more of a discomfort or niggle, right in the lady area where the top of my leg and groin area meet. It kind of feels like it did when you'd been riding a bike/horse or had a good kick or done a bit too much exercise and got a groin strain - but only when I move. I'm not worried that its anything wrong with bubs as I have no pain in my belly, or when I'm sat down. I guess I'm just curious really and wondering if I can do anything to help myself with it.

I'll mention it to my MW at my next appointment but in the meantime can anyone help/offer any advice?!

15 weeks


  • hi honey, I got this loads its basically yyour body stretching, round ligament pain is common at this point and continues through pregnancy, its good to lie with a pillow between your legs, put a warm wheat bag on your back, have a bath or a few paracetamol and try to relax. Sometimes a bit of gentle excercise can relieve it too. X
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