consultant tomorrow (cry) UPDATE

hi girls

i am having my booking in /dating scan tomorrow (even do i have a scan with my gp every two weeks) and am soooooooooooo worried that he'll put me back on injections into my stomach (4 people who don't know i had a blood clot this time last year and was put on hetburn (wrong spelling) injections to stop my blood clot from traveling to my lungs or heart. was then put on tablets for 6 months to disolve the blood clot) i'm jusy soooo worried that they could harm the babs. :\(

i am soooooo scared of needles :evil: aswell which does't help.

plus i also have to worry about devolping diabeties as i have high bp,(which Admittedly seems to be fine thank god) brother has it and am overweight!!!!!!!

sorry about the long rant girls. i needed to talk to someone.

sorry again



hi girls

The consultant says i will have to go back on the needles but will have to see a blood Specialist so as to determine when ie now or after i give birth to start them. i now just have to wait until i get my app through to see him.

When we went for the scan the babs was facing us so we didn't get to clear of a picture even do he tried to get him/her to move (which he was quite sore on me) but he says i am 14weeks 4days gone. which means my due date is now the 19th of July. :\)

i have a question for ye (maybe ireland is different) did ye get to hear ur childs heartbeat? as we didnt and are raging:evil: i'm due back to c my own gp on the 2nd of feb so i will ask her if she will let us listen to it then! thats the good thing about my gp she has her own ultrasound machine so i get to c baby every time we go in :\)

I just want to say another thank you for all ur support.


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  • Good luck hun! Make sure you tell your consultant that you are pregnant and they will do everything they can to minimise any harm to the baby. Try not to worry, they are just looking after you!

  • Aww hun good luck let us know how you get one


  • Hi hun,

    I'm diabetic and have to inject 4 times a day. fortunately I've never had a problem with needles, probably a good thing being diabetic, but it can get really uncomfortable.

    Could your doctor not give you another treatment? Unfortunately if not, you might just have to bite the bullet and get on with it, sorry if that sounds harsh! It's in your, and your baby's best interest, even if its not nice!

    just wanted to say you're not alone!

    C. X
  • thanks $ the quick reply astraad. i'm hopefully just panic over nothing. think i just needed to tell someone how worried i am about it (not that i can't talk to other half but don't want to upset him either)


  • cas1980 i know ur so right thanks and i might not even have/get disabetics just the thoughts of it is enough to scare me.

    i'll have to pull myself together and STOP thinking the worsed.

  • Hi Cha

    My sister suffers from a genetic disorder that causes her blood to clot, when she finally fell pregnant she had to take heperin (sp?) injections every day and be monitored very closely by consultant. She said she got used to the injections after a while and it was worth it in the end. Your blood naturally thickens during pregnancy too.

    Take care of yourself.

    K x x
    10 Weeks
  • Hi Cha,

    I had a DVT scare last week and while the hospital were waiting to scan me they assured me if i did have a clot the heparin(sp?) injections into my stomach were safe to have during pregnancy.

    Don't worry about the diabeties until you have to, you may not have it.
    take and tackle one thing at a time, that's what i do as i would have a total breakdown otherwise.

    Take care

  • good luck hun, let us know how you get on. xxx
  • I have also had a previous blood clot and was on heperin for 6 months. I am now 32+5 and have been on asprin since 8 weeks pg until 30 weeks pregnant. I am now on daily injections of clexane as you can't have heperin when pregnant. My husband does the injections for me. I also hate needles but it has to be done. I will stay on these injections until 6 weeks after having my son. Your consultant will also keep a close eye on you taking blood once a month to check your platlet count. Believe me there is nothing to it, Good luck and hope you have a healthy happy pregnancy x
  • thank ye all soooooooooo much for all ur help and ur experiences ye shared with me.
    i feel alot better today due to all ye guys help and support.

    mumtomya&adien i also have to wear those stockings and there so uncomfortable and hard to put on or is that just me?

    what would i do without ye girls support.

    my appointment isn't until 1.40pm so will let ye know tomorrow how i get on as i'm taking the whole afternoon off .

  • Glad it went ok!
    We've never heard the HB at scans - but perhaps that is because the machine is rubbish and ancient!!!
    We've heard it at Dr and midwife appnts only.

    Joo xxx
  • Thanks.
    at least now i know i will have to go back on neddles so am not as scared now (fear of the unknown) as i will ask if the clinic here will do it every morning for me hee hee.

    15weeks today
  • Hi,

    Glad it went ok, I didn't hear heartbeat at scans either I think it's something you get if you go private. Some scanners probably don't have that facility.


    Sazzle xx
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