Baby baths

Hiya every one,

Was just wondering if you are buying a baby bath or just getting a seat to go in the big tub? I have a 3 year old so it would be great to bath them together, but not sure if this would be good with a new born.
Any advice ladies??

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  • The seats that go in the bath will probably be no good for a newborn, but with Rhys i only dunked him in and out anyway so it seemed pretty pointless me buying a baby bath, coz i can just dunk baby in and out with Rhys wen he's aving a bath. Although i suppose if u have back problems or small bathroom this could be quite difficult and uncomfortable for u. xxx

  • Im just getting a bath seat thingy. You can get them suitable for newborns but newborns dont bath for as long or as often as older babies so i thought a baby bath would be pointless. Can you bath them with yourself?
  • Yeah I have been looking at ones for newborn which I will probably get and as you said Kerry just quickly dip baby in Kyah's bath. Yeah I used to have Kyah in the bath with me a lot, but best to wait till you stop bleeding
  • I've brought a seat thingy, its really good because its soft and will hold the baby really well. With my first I had a baby bath but I didnt feel comfortable holding her in it, I was so worried about dropping her but at least with the seat theres no chance of that! The one I've got is a summer infant one and its suitable from birth.
  • I've got a baby bath, mainly because hubby is worried about bathing the baby himself!
  • We had a seat that could be used in either a baby bath or a big bath and lasted up untill 6 months. To start with we used it in a baby bath that we bought really cheaply from IKEA and then we moved it into the big bath. Probably wouldn't have bothered with the baby bath but the bath at our old house was huge and very deep so it was a bit tricky bathing a tiny baby in it.
  • Never mind hubby being worried!! I'm terrified of bathing a slippery wet screaming baby :lol: I think those bath supports are a good investment for a newborn.... not going to bother with a baby bath on what others on here have said will use our bath with seat support instead

    Theres quite a few about anyone know which is best?
  • We had a borrowed baby bath but we only used it for Cole for about 3 weeks, and switched to the rigid plastic reclining seat in the big bath after that. To be honest we found it easier to bath him in the big bath on the seat than in the baby bath.

    We have the tigex bath seat which we found good because Cole couldn't get off it but could still kick his arms and legs in the water and we didn't need to hold on to him so had both hands free for washing. he's 4 months old now and we can't use it any more because he was arching his back and trying to slide off.

    I'm glad we didn't spend money buying a baby bath - it would have been a total waste of money. We got lent one of those fabric bath supports thats just like a piece of fabric on an incline and it was rubbish..needed to hold on with one hand - not very easy with a wiggly baby! It was easier using the baby bath with the rubbish bath support cause it couldn't go anywhere, but we've never had problems with the rigid seat and we bath Cole every day

    hope that helps image
  • i have bought one of them shaped ones for newborns as im gonna bath baby with my older daughter,shes really lookin 4ward to helping so thought it would be a nice idea!also got a top n tail bowl for if i just wash as think itl b easier,hanna 37wks xx
  • I just got the summer infant bath seat last week, i think i'll feel a bit safer with that support there as i've never bathed a baby before.

    Haha had a go at setting it up and found the instructions useless, that might just be me thoughimage
  • I've got a hand-me-down tummytub and then I'll probably use a traditional babybath once they've outgrown the tummytub because I won't always want a bath at the same time as baby and I think it will waste water to fill our main bath just for baby - even though it only has to be filled a few inches it will still use more water than a baby bath.

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