I did ask somebody this, but I was just wondering if some more of you had it. Sometime my cerviz feels funny I have no idea how to say it but it feels like it's heavy or someting?? It's every now and then I was having a heart attack as you know me I think the worst and thought it was opening early!!!

Somebody said they have this as well ?

K x


  • For some reason BE posted something I had wrote in another topic - weird.

    Anyway, I said it was me that was feeling the same I was telling you yesterday while we where emailing.

    I dont know how to describe it, I was thinking it could just be the weight of baby/fluid and possibly everything moving

    AnneMarie xxx

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  • I've felt a bit like this babe, since quite early on, sometimes I feel like everything is sort of "pulling" and heavy. I think there's so much blood flow going on in that area, and everything is so engorged, plus bladder is being pressured by the baby! x
  • Thank you gilrs, I guess your right, with all the blodd flying around down there no wonder ever now and then we feel heavy .

    K xx
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