What to tell DS?(also in toddler)

Unless baby makes an appearance tonight, I'm going in to hospital tomorrow night to be induced on Monday and DH and I can't agree on what to tell DS.
Obviously he knows that baby is coming soon and that mummy will be going to hospital at some point to have him. I'm all for explaining to him that that's where mummy is going tomorrow night and tell him that he can come and visit the next day. OH thinks that if he is told that I'll be away all night then he'll be up every hour looking for me and won't settle. He never goes to his bed before 8pm so I can't just leave after bedtime either.
Can anyone give any advice?
He's two and a half and not much of a mummy's boy usually, but does surprise us on occasion!


  • I really feel for you! My ds is not long 3 and is a complete mummy's boy so I'm dreading when the time comes for going in to hospital!
    Kids are very resilient though and he'll probably be fine after the initial shock of you not being there, but it's only natural to worry.
    My ds recently had his first sleep over at nanna's and I think I found it worse than him! He was fine with it and couldn't wait to get me out of the door!!
    Sorry if I'm not much help, just wanted to sympathise!!
    Good luck with him, and of course with the induction!!
  • I'm 39+5 and have just had this conversation with my twin girls. They are 4 though so being that bit older they probably understand a bit more. Have you thought about explaining to your ds that you are going into hospital so you won't be there for a couple of nights and then give him a t-shirt or something that you've worn to cuddle with as he goes to bed at night. You can explain to him its like you giving him a cuddle. I have a friend who does this who often works away and it seems to work.

  • Hay, My son has my teddy :lol: My OH brought it for me when we 1st started going out and i gave it to my son and said when every he needs to hug me and i am not there (we use it in the night) just hug mummy bear and know i am hugging back... My son is a rubbish sleeper.
    I will remind him of this when i have to go have bubs although he is older he is 3 almost 4 x

    Good luck gems xx (good luck with bubs also) x
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