Glucose Tolerance

Hi Girls,
Im having a glocuse tolerance test tomorow along with my 28wk bloods and im so not looking 4ward to it. Not only do they always have trouble get blood from me (its like trying to draw it from a stone) but my hospital is currently undergo refurbishments in the maternity unit which means the nearest toilets are about a 5-10min walk (depending how fast u walk). I think this is ridiculous considering the place is full of pregnant women. So not only am i gona be waiting around for 2-3hrs im also gona be getting loads of exercise as i seem to be needing the toilet every 20-30 mins at the moment, ahhh! Has anyone else had a GT test, any advise on wat it is like? Kerry xxxx


  • I am on the very tip of needing one.... :\( Going to speak with my midwife tomorrow and see if I am safe to lose weight so I dont need to, I will be due mine in August, don't flaming think so in high summer :x

    I've not got any advice but heard it's not a very nice experience as you can't drink anything whilst having it done which can be really hard as you become dehydrated really quickly whilst preggers :\(

    Good luck, let me know how you get on xxxx
  • Hi Kerry

    I had mine done at my doctors surgery at 28 weeks. The nurse did it. I wasn't allowed to drink or eat anything from midnight before the test except for plain water. I had my first blood test done at 0830, which acts as a baseline measurement. Then I had to drink 394ml of lucozade original in front of her, which she measured out exactly so that all the calculations were right (I had to buy the lucozade). I then had my next blood test at 0930, which I'm assuming shows how much sugar you then have in your blood. Then my last one at 1030 which shows how your body has processed/dealt with the huge intake of sugar. These bloods were then sent off to the hospital labs to be checked. I then saw my mw the following week and she had all the results there to tell me - everything was fine. Sometimes the results can take up to 2 weeks to come through.

    I only had to have the GTT because my Gran had Type II Diabetes and this made me more likely to develop gestational diabetes.

    It's not a nice experience, but I think it's still important to have incase you do develop this condition and lo grows too much!

    Hope everything's ok with yours. To be honest, walking to those toilets 5-10 mins away every 30 mins will probably give you something to do so you're not bored out of your mind waiting around lol.

  • Had my GTT today, took in my urine sample and they did the first bloods at 08.30, then i had to drink this horrible glupy orange syrup type thing (blah). I waiting around then until 10.30 wen i had to do another urine sample and have bloods taken agen, they did 28wk bloods at same time so killed two birds with one stone. I wasnt allowed to go to the toilet in between for two reasons: Firstly they were so far away and me walking their and back wud be doing exercise which isnt allowed as it can affect results, and secondly because i had to give a second urine sample and they wanted it to be as accurate a possible. All in all it wasnt to bad I took a couple of magazines and got to sit and do nothing for 2hrs. Anyway they will be in touch if the results arent gud. Like Floopy i only had to have this done coz type II diabetes runs in family as does gestational diabetes. Kerry xxx

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