27 weeks tomorrow with 13 weeks to go and just nine weeks left to work (which i keep winding them up at work). Up untill last week i still hadn't put on any weight at all but last week i put on 4lb (Damm!!! thought i was going to be lucky I was overweight to start off with) Never mind I hope i don't put on another 4lb every week till it's born.
My baby seems to be growing up rather than out anyone else having same probs. I either feel sick all the time, got heartburn and if i try to eat a meal even when i am starving i can only eat a few mouth fulls before i am full. Baby has found my rib cage and keep's digging something in my ribs. I get breathless now if i do anything more than a quick short walk too.

but apart from all that i am completely happy and excited and can't wait to see little one. Anyone else feel like this?


  • I was about 25 weeks before I started putting on weight, im 31+5 now and have put on 1 stone. As for the heartburn, I find Peppermint Rennies really help me and iv got packets everywhere. Bubba is also digging into my ribs, iv got a bum stuck there all the time on the right side and feet at the left side and they really are quite painful when I get Braxton Hicks.

    Iv got just over 8 weeks till my due date and getting very impatient now, very curious if its pink or blue. I started my Maternity Leave yesterday so hopefully time will fly. Just to get xmas and new year over with then I will meet the lo that has caused me all the heartburn, constipation, piles and mood swings. Its all definately going to be worth it though.

  • Don't you think it hilarioous we're all gagging to meet the one who makes our health a living misery for 9months lol giving us weight gain, bowel problems and stomach probs usually we'd be complaining to them or sueing them lol instead we fall instantly inlove with them ( i have to wonder if it's because those symptom will stop and our hormones and body go back to how they were lol)
  • I just keep thinking, its all temporary and it all goes away after the baby comes. Hope I lose the weight quickly because im a bridesmaid at the end of May and the dresses have already been bought. Im due January 10th so fingers crossed I get my figure back. Hope I dont lactate all over the dress, must remember to take extra breast pads!!
  • LMAO poor you i'd hate to have that worry after having the baby lol especially with your breasts increasing in size lol what colours the dress?
  • The dress is is kinda burgendy/pink. The wedding is in Ireland so I will have to leave bubba at home with my mum. I was not pg when my friend asked me to be bridesmaid and it was going to be a week long drink fest over there but now the bubba will be here the plans have to change, i only want to stay for 2 days max but my friend doesnt seem to understand this at all. Her other bridesmaid, (her sister) is due a baby in March so she is in a worse position than me. The bride wants to ban children from her wedding and I have tried to make her reconsider as her sis will be breast feeding and its going to be impossible for her to carry out her bridesmaid duties if the baby is not allowed to come too.

  • it seems mean to be made to leave your new lo at home while you travel to a wedding i would not be able to image i'd miss them too much image a lil bit mean of her. i can understand not wanting the noise but to completely ban it even at the reception is a bit harsh. especially when her own sister will have a newborn on her hands.
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