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Contraception after baby arrives

One of my friends has just announced she is pregnant again. Her lo is only 4 months old. It has made me think about contraception after the baby.

What are you all doing?

Im sure I have heard with breast feeding you cant take the pill. This worries me a little as my 1st son was conceived because of a split condom.

Strange question I know as sex is the last thing on my mind but it just got me thinking


  • Hon
    Not from personal experience but my friends little one is 4 months and she has the implant. Apparently you can get it literally a few weeks after baby is born and then the minute you take it out it doesn't have the same effect as the pill so shouldn't mess up your cycles. It's worth thinking about as I didnt' even know the implant existed! xxx
  • I have no idea what im going to do, it took me a year to get pregnant after going off the pill so im reluctant about going back on it in case it messes me up for good. I was tested a having low progesterone which can be caused by being on the pill.

    My friend has the coil and whilst its agro getting it taken in and out by the doctor it seems to be quite effective and doesnt mess with your hormones as when you take it out your back in the game immediately. I may look into getting that.

  • I am not going back on the pill again it messed my body up so much and when we are ready to TTC again I don;t want to have to go through all that again.

    We will use Condoms, we have had two split on us before I had to go and get the morning after pill, so will use that again.

    k XX
  • Personally as I have hormone problems and cant face ever stopping myself from ovulating every month ever again as I needed treatment to ovulate after I stopped the pill due to my high prolactin, Im never takign the pill or using injections or implants or mirena coils every again. I relied on the pill before and it turns out if I didnt even take the pill I still wouldnt be ovulating. So I think if we use anything it will be a plain coil or condoms and thats assuming I even start ovulating naturally after the baby is born. Its a bit of an issue as I want to make sure we can have another baby not all that long after the first and I cant face takign 2 years to conceive again so I need to see about going straight back onto treament to get me ovulating once bumper arrives.
  • I dont know what we are going to do about contraception. We have discussed it loads but still havent decided on anything. I have had bad experiences with the pill, injection and the coil and we hate condoms!! were basically stuffed, we dont want anymore children after this one. OH isnt prepared to have the snip and neither am I were too young to make that kind of commitment

    fiona xx
  • Yeah I keep thinking about pill messing with my body etc just not sure what to do. After the condom split with my son I took the morning after pill but it had no effect on me at all. So Im so scared to rely on condoms if Im honest.

    I may have a look into the coil, implant etc.

    Its so strange getting rid of the contraception to get preg then to have to think about what to do afterwards again .

    I wanna have time to spend with this baby until I think about having another. It has been hard enough being pregnant with a 9 yesr old to look after never mind a baby.

    Gem x

  • i went on the mini pill after i had jake and i fell preg on that lol jake was 6/7 weeks wen i concieved lol but after ive had this 1 il b goin on depo injection x
  • Im having a bit of a dilemma with this as well. Its my understanding (could be wrong!) that you can have very little if your breastfeeding. I know you can have the mini pill (i think its the one where you dont have the 7 day break every month) which personally i dont like as i was on this before and a) had breack thru bleeds and b) dont like the idea of not having a period.

    As far as i understand if you b/f you cant have the normal pill, so for us it would just be condoms. I came off the pill about 8 months before we started trying to concieve and just watched my "dodgy dates" so didnt have unprotected sex between days 9 and 16 of cycle, which did work to some degree, but then i wasnt bothered if we did happen to fall where as after this one i really want a 2 year gap between at least!!

    Its not easy and not something im looking forward to sorting out to be honest!
    Katy 37+2 xx
  • Nothing wrong with forward planning, lol!
    You can take the pill when you are Bfeeding, but it needs to be progesterone only I think (don't quote me!) I took Femulen after having Rhianna, who is now 18 months - I'm not suggesting that the pill isn't effective, however I am now 18+5 pregnant image xxx
  • Wow this thread makes me was only 7 months ago I was on TTC forum discussing all the ways to get pregnant (temp/checking CM etc etc) and now we are chatting about not TTC lol xxxx

    MKB 23+4
  • I am never going back on the pill or having depo injections - when taking/having them I completely lost all interest in poor OH! Best form on contraception ever cus we never BD'd!!!!

    Also depo took me about a year to full get out of my system I think, and I bled all the time - gross, and such a pain, to the point I was paranoid I had an STI and was in such low mood I confronted poor OH about having an affair!!! Ooooops.

    I reckon the coil's for me, dose sound a bit of a phaf getting it in and out (ouch) but seems to be the only one that isn't hormone based - apart from good old condoms, I'd rather abstain than use one of those!

    Anyone had a coil?

  • I really havent thought about it to be honest. i would probably go back on the pill after ive finished breastfeeding as I fell pregnant 3 weeks after coming off the pill first time so would hope that when we start trying for number 2, that it would happen quite quickly! Obviously I know thats not necessarily going to happen! But I really havent given it much thought to be fair


  • Hi
    I had a plain (not hormone) coil after my last baby and I bled really bad to the extent that I couldn't leave the house in case I flooded everywhere (sorry tmi). I ended up having it removed and went back on the pill. I had the depo injection years ago, I had it for 5 years but gained massive amounts of weight and had terrible mood swings and paranoia, so much that I ended up on anti depressants until docs realised the connection between this and depo injection.

    I'm not having any more children after this one (3rd), I fell with 1st while on the pill so don't really have any confidence in any contraception. At the moment I'm trying to persuade hubby to get the snip (without much success). If I can't persuade him I'll go back on the pill and we'll also use condoms. I don't particularly like them but don't trust the pill on it's own.

    I read somewhere on another baby site that holding a pea between the knees is very effective lol, might try it!!

    h xx
  • Well my MW said your body needs 9 months to recover from 9 months of pregnancy so she told us to choose our contraception now! I can't breast feed for medical reasons so i'll be going straight back on the pill xx
  • We will probaby just go back to using condoms again, as we never had any problems with them before. Not very romantic I know but the pill doesn't agree with me.

    Sazzle xx
  • I went back on th pill after having my 1st baby, however due to me being 36 this year I don't want to go back on the pill after this baby.

    We only want 2 children, so DH and I have discussed him getting the snip, he's not too keen, but think he'll do it. The least he can do after me having to go through childbirth twice! LOL

    Sam 24+2
  • i went on the mini pill when lo was about 3 months with the intention of gettin an implant after seeing the effects of the mini as it does the same thing but stopped after about a month as it gave me constant headaches. after that we didnt use anything. when lo was 81/2 months i stopped breastfeeding then had my first af since lo was born so thought about what contraception to use spoke to gp etc then a week later did a pregnancy test and i was it turned out i was about 5 weeks pregnant al ready lol so breastfeeding seemed to be the best contraception for me but i wouldnt reccomend it lol havent really thought about contraception yet but oh has joked about getting the snip which was swiftly followed by a slap from me as i still want more babies in the future!!!

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