FAO Babyemzie

Hi i was just reading where we are all from and i saw that you are from carlisle i to am from carlisle and thought i was the only one lol You are not that far behind me im 32 weeks today, due 25th july, where abouts are you? im just off wigton road.
vikki xx


  • hello Vikki,
    lol though i was too although when in town everyone seems to be a new mum or not far of, probably my imagination though, image
    i'm just down from the hospital on port road, so not to far from town and the park, i'm due 2nd aug, How are you finding things?
    Emma xxx

  • Thats not to far from me im just in behind the booze buster on wigton road, at least your not to far from hospital lol

    This is my third baby so have had loads of practise lol i have a daughter she is 6 in august and a son he will be 1 in sep so will have 2 under the age of 1 ahhhh lol
    but not doing to bad just numb hands and sore hips but other than that im ok just knackered running around after 2 kids.

    Is this your first? if so its soo exciting it being your first do you know what you are having? we are having another boy.
    I think when you are pg you notic it more but i think theres loads of pg people when i take my daughter to school theres about 7 or 8 of us lol
    vikki xx
  • 2 under 1 your brave lol,How are you other children finding your pregnancy? should imagine they are quite excited

    yeah this is my first and nope i have no idea of babies sex although now i've started looking at clothes and stuff sometimes wish i knew but i'm looking forward to the surprise.
    Should be handy being so close to the hospital but only one bedroom and with us being on the main road its noisy so hoping to be able to move , running out of time now though

    I'm doing quite well really, (at least i think,) hands,feet ankles ect are fine, still in most of normal clothes hips getting a bit sore at night but not to bad is more pelvic area but its not as bad as lot of people on here so can't complain really
    Emma, xxx

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