maternity leave advice?

hi all

I am getting really annoyed with my work hope someone can help...

Ok offically meant to start maternity leave on 3rd June (due 5th July) with 5 days before as annual leave which i have built up over last few months so leaving on 30th May.

I found out that i was also entitled to 14 days annual leave that i would build up whilst on maternity leave so asked if i could take them now. My boss said no as they havent found cover yet (not my problem!!)

Thing is I am knackered, stressed, tired and have ankles the size of balloons and just want to stop working. How do i go about this?? work have been crap throughout (ie making everyone redundant when i was 20 wks and making us reapply for our jobs, getting me to do presentations in front of 300 young people - im a youth worker and relocating me from 5 mins from home to a 45 min drive to other office!)

Should I go to doctor and ask him to sign me off for the next 3 weeks?? would he do that??? i have never had to ask for a sick note! I have an appointment on Monday morning for my 32 week check should i ask him then?

Just want to stop and enjoy the quietness and rest of pregnancy!
Laura xxx


  • As long as you give 21 days notice you can start maternity leave when you want. It might be difficult to leave now if they have not found cover for you. you could just start annual leave on 4 june - and have two weeks extra pay then SMP would start around 22 June.

    hope this helps !!

    im also due on 5 july and go on materntiy leave on 13 june 2 weeks annual leave and maternity pay starting week beginning 23 June

    kate x
  • Legally paid annual leave continues to accrue (both contractually and statutory) during your period of Ordinary Maternity Leave and therefore your annual leave should be taken either before or after maternity leave. If your annual leave coincides with a compulsory shut down (such as 'factory' fortnight) whilst you are on maternity leave then you have the right to take this holiday either before or after maternity leave.

    Basically, you cannot suffer a detriment because of your pregnancy and you will be entitled to take your leave entitlment but it might be at the end of your maternity leave.

    Alternatively as flower said just write to your employer giving notice that you wish to change the date you take maternity leave.
  • I'm due 5 July too image starting ML on 15 June. I will take my accrued leave at the end - plus Bank Holidays etc.

    If you are unwell then get your doctor to sign you off. I think there's something which says that if you get signed off long term through pg related sickness they can start your ML early but that shouldn't be a prob because then you can just tack your accrued leave on at the end instead of the beginning and achieve the same result.
  • hi

    i'm due on 3rd July and the notice i've had from my employer is that if i'm off with a pregnancy related illness in the last 4 weeks I think? or anytime after 6th June i think it is then they will automatically start my maternity leave. I'm finishing on 5th June and taking 3 weeks leave before starting my maternity leave officially, unless baby shows up early of course then it will start anyway.

    I'm sure if you're not managing with work they should be able to do something as really what is the point in you going in if you're struggling when you're there? you're really not going to be at your best and if you're anything like me then might start making mistakes with things anyway. I know i've already started having to double check everything that i do and it all seems to take twice as long!!!
  • Hi hun

    I am due on the 19th July and like you have booked my annual leave before i go off. My manager has been really good, because i have taken all the annual leave i'll accure while on maternity leave, before i take my maternity. So i go off on the 26th May and then my maternity starts on the 5th July. It is at your managers descretion if they allow you to take your hols but if they dont they do have to pay you in full once your holidays entitlement year ends (well that how my work works)

    Not much help but maybe you can go back to your manager and ask?
  • thanks ladies
    I recieved a letter yesterday from work saying that they will add it on to the end of my maternity leave so thats good although at one point they were saying that i would loose it as i havent taken it earlier - my boss is lovely but just doesnt have a clue so i have to go above her and find out if thats true which obviously it isnt but ive just had enough of constantly fighting for my rights. They have only just done a risk assessment on me which should of been done months ago!!

    I feel like its a cop out leaving so early when so many if you are working much later but i just cant be arsed anymore too tired image

    if i went back to my manager i would get the 'mmm not sure ill ask so and so' but if i go straight above her i get called in the office and she 'has a word' just cant win

    Oh and yesterday i was told that probably not going to be possible for me to go back part time because of our funders wont like it!!!!?????

    Luckly coz ive been there over 3 years i can leave without repaying any my maternity benefits just another thing to think about

    sod it going to go and cry to the doc and get him to sign me off!

    thanks ladies have a lovely weekend!
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