coccyx (tailbone) pain...ouch!

Hi Ladies

I'm really struggling this morning with severe pain in my coccyx. I've had it mildly now and again if I've been sitting for long periods of time but its gone away overnight.

Had a lovely night at cinema and went for a meal with hubby and my son until half way through the meal I was in agony. Think its been sitting in cinema for 2 hours on it. I couldn't sit straight when I came in so went straight to bed. I cant lie on my back or sit on it at all as it is very painful.

I'm not sure if it's swollen or not cos cant think I've ever felt what it should feel like! I've read on internet that it can be common in thrid trimester due to extra weight ibut I'm only about 7lbs heavier and wasn't overweight before pg.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had this or who i should ring? Do you think its medical - doctors or pregnancy related - midwife?

I hope i can get to see someone today as i have a 100 mile round trip to work tomorrow and the though of it makes me ill!

Any advice would be great if anyone knows..Also posting in pregnancy incase anyone knows over there.

Kirsty xxx


  • Hi Kirsty

    I've had this since about 11 weeks so can totally sympathise with you. When I mentioned it to the consultant at my 14 week appt she just said it was normal and was everything loosening and stretching. Thankfully, whilst it is painful, it hasn't got any worse or turned into SPG/PGP for which I am thankful. I find that some of the following tips help:

    1) Try not to sit on a hard surface for too long (or at all). I have now finished work but was sitting on a cushion on my chair and have a pillow on my seat in the car.
    2) Try not to sit in one place for too long. I can manage about an hour and then need to move/fidget. Stand up for a bit if you can
    3) Don't sit where all the pressure is on your bum. For example, when sitting propped up in bed, I sit bolt upright propped up on pillows so the majority of my weight is on the chubby bit of my bum rather than my cocyx

    I think you should get it recorded on your notes and hope they can help but if not, hope some of the tips above are useful. They are not medical advice, just things I have found help me. I've never taken paracetamol for it as I don't really like the idea but you could do this, especially to get you through a very long journey where you may not be able to have breaks.


    Amy xx
  • Amy thanks a lot for the reply and the top tips! My hubby has just been to buy me a baby floater ring from Argos and its soooo much better for sitting.

    Just back from the out of hours GP and they said the same thing. Not to sit or stand for too long. Not looking forward to work tomorrow but will try a pillow. GP said my coccyx was inflamed but nothing to worry about but has put it on my notes for my consultant. Thanks again

    Kirsty xxx
  • Hi

    I had this to and still have it (my baby is now 1 yr old) it really is painful but them top tips really help. I hope urs goes away after the baby is born! I used to have to be pulled off a chair whilst crying out in agony. it was horrific. its not as bad now but i still wince when i get off a bar stool or hard chair!! xxxx
  • Sorry it hasn't gone away 2peez. Its very strange isnt it and hard to understand unless you have had it. Thanks for reply

    Kirsty xxx
  • Oh this brings back memories!image i had an inflamed coccyx about two years ago! oh the pain is like nothing else unfortunately the only treatment i got was anti inflammatories and rest ! i suppose during pregnancy and bfing you can only rest. I really hope it eases for you soon!xx mine always flared up when sat at the computer i think it must have been the hard chair!! get well soon
    carly xxx
  • ooooh I know how you feel! I had this terribly with Theo towards the end but have got it really badly this time around already and I'm only 22 weeks! Its horrible, every chair and position is so uncomfy and if I need to shift position or stand up its agony!
  • I can really sympathise with you on this one as by lunchtime each day I have to grit my teeth when I get up to stop me making any noise as the pain can be so intense! I think its just being sat at a desk all day in the same position as I don't suffer at the weekends. Really looking forward to going on maternity leave now though...

    Bec 30+3 x
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