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I was wondering if everyone has/or is buying nursing chairs? The reclining ones with the stools are so expensive I was just wondering what everyone else was doing? xx


  • Hiya,
    My mum has bought me a nursing chair as they were on sale at doen to ??100 from ??300!!!

    We dont have a huge amount of space so it will go in the other spare room, but it can always be used around the house in the living room etc.

    Becky x

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  • i have glider/rocking chair and stool by dutalier. got it for 195 from kiddicare, v similar in mamas and papas for 550.
  • My Mum and Dad have brought one for me. Not sure of the site but can look it up for you if you want? It was about ??79.00 so not too expensive really and has glider and stool etc.

    Now just need to get hubby sorting that room out so we can bring it back home... :roll:
  • I just got a chair from Ikea - for ??50, it doesn't rock or glide, but it is a bit bouncy, so it will be easy to rock baby in it. I think it's really comfy - and will be all I need for feeding.
  • I have ordered an old fashioned pine rocking chair which should be delivered some time next week. It cost about ??150 but has the advantages of a) not being terribly bulky so it fits in our bedroom where small thing will go for the first six months and b) being useful even after I finish nursing (it will eventually go in the living room). Last bit of furniture to be delivered and then everything should be ready for small thing's arrival!
  • ...there's loads on offer on ebay - all new too going for about ??100 inc delivery if you're good at bidding!! We'll be getting one nearer the time.

  • I got the kiddicare one, it came today, havent set it up yet but it was a bargain at ??100

    Lisa xxx
  • I have a rocking chair from a junk shop that I re-varnished and made a new cushion for that I use in Neve's room. Since having her I have started a course on furniture restoration and upholstery and my first piece is an Edwardian Nursing chair that I have painted off white and completely reupholstered using traditional methods. Its almost finished with just the fabric to go on and I have just got my BFP so I guess it was meant to be!
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