Friggin Snow!

Morning all,

Now I'm getting annoyed. We've had more overnight, probably another 3-4 inches. Hubby won't let me drive still and he can't take me to work like he did yesterday because of his work schedule today (conference calls etc.) and also its not nice for him having to drive in it, 'cos of the conditions and the time it takes (was a 3hr round trip yesterday!).

I've texted my boss to ring me and she what she says, but doubt she will be pleased. What can I do though? Me and baby's safety is far too important to risk it! But it is getting silly and I do feel like its taking the piss a lot. I made it in yesterday and still some people didn't. There is another lady near to me who isn't going in either.

Just feel annoyed and have that guilt feeling you feel when you're off sick and really sick but you still worry people don't think you're sick! (or is that just me! LOL)

Public transport isn't an option for me either as its still a drive to the train station and a long walk to my office when I get the other end...

ggrrrrrr - am just annoyed as I know I should be trying to get in and back to normal but I can't!

Joo xxx


  • Like I said the other day I'm a hairdresser so its not that easy for me to get out of work when I'll have clients there so I've just gotta go, I'm not worrying about it though cuz the the roads will probably be quieter so will just have to take my time. Its a 40 min drive and most of the road is dual carriageway so that'll be all gritted and ready to use anyway!
    I just hope that I get to work and get a lot of cancellations cuz people won't come out then we'll have a nice easy day and hopefully get to leave early!
  • We have about 5 - 8inches maybe more of snow so no work for me or Oh coz we work at same place but im pleased lol we work for my dad so still getting paid yay! lol x

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  • Joo

    Stay at home! I'm the same as you, hubby won't let me drive and has taken me into work every day this week so far, not so much because of the roads as they were clear yesterday but because he doesnt want me walking across the work car park and slipping (he knows i am paranoid about falling over and hurting the babies).

    I have drawn the line today and am working from home. Most of my team are stuck too so I only have a tiny sense of guilt. My boss isn't in this week but knows me well enough (hopefully) to know I would make it if I could - I have been in all week after all.

    Enjoy your day at home guilt-free. It can't be helped and everyone else will!


  • You are best to stay at home! I had midwife appointment yesterday and I don't drive so got on the bus. When I got off the bus it is a ten minute walk and there was so much ice and snow I was petrified would fall! Luckily some nice people helped me across the road!!
    My sons school is closed today so have to take him out in the snow to play luckily a big park next to my house!
    Stay at home and rest you and the baby are more important!
    Dani 31 weeks + 4
  • We've had a good 10 - 11inches of snow, my hubby drove me in to work this morning; but he is an advanced police driver so he's an expert at this sort of driving !
    I did think it would be funny if the only person who made it into my office was the 7 month pregnant lady ! But there are a handful of others.
    MrsW 32 weeks today !
  • I closed my Nursery today as there was 5 inches of snow on top of icy roads at 6.30am! Texted all my staff and parents and all are really happy. I'll still pay the staff and will probably refund parents some money back - it's just too dangerous to even attempt the journey. My hubyby also police advanced driver and he couldn't get in to work this morning. In all honesty I'm just looking forward to the day off (albeit still have work to do!) and the way it looks tomorrow too!
    So enjoy it while we can and do not feel guilty!!

  • Thanks everyone.

    As it turns out, quite a few other people near me have had more snow and the roads are very dangerous so they are also staying at home.

    I think my boss was a bit frosty (excuse the pun) on the phone as she's probably just had enough of it... but what can you do hey?

    Joo xxx
  • Hi,

    I'm working from home today too, I've been out all week but I slipped over last night and so have decided it's just not worth it today. My boss has been good about ti luckily. I am a rep and to go out not knowing what the roads will be like or how they will be later just seems a risk.

  • im well pi.... off we have had no snow i live right on the norfolk coast and have had none that has settled schools havent bin closed or anything im gutted give me some of your snow its not fair xxx
  • hmmm we're wading through 1cm of snow here..... in fact i'm sure it's probably gone by now! We're in Cheshire and we never get much here anyway!

    Good luck snow ploughing everyone!! xx

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