When did your nesting instinct kick in?

Hiya girlies.. hope you and bumps are well!!

I was just wondering has anyones nesting instinct kicked up?
Yesterday i spring cleaned my whole house.. and i just cant stop! i dont like the thought of anything being out of place..

Nikki 34 weeks today :\) xxx


  • Hi, I never got this first time round, much to hubby's disappointment! :lol: Nothings kicked in yet this time round, although there are a few things I'd like hubby to fix! xx
  • not sure when mine kicked in but its driving me bloody mad as im alwasy cleaning something and its making me really tired and hurting my back x
  • It already has!.Im obsessed with making lists,and ticking off bit by bit which room has been done! :lol: The place is all spick and span now, and had new windows and doors put in,in the summer, so just waiting to be paid so i can go and buy a new curtain rail and curtains to be put up. :\)

    Carrie 35+2

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  • I've always been unable to relax properly when something in the house needs cleaning/sorting/doing.... am ten times worse now the baby's arrival is imminent :roll: I have this dread of him/her arriving just as everything needs cleaning again, and being unable to enjoy getting to know my baby in hospital because I'm worrying about the state of the house!

    I know it's stupid and the only one putting pressure on me is myself but I can't help it :roll:

    I'm also forever making lists, Carrie - these used to calm me down but lately i think they're making me worse because they look so long!

  • Lol.. i know ive got everything but i keep making lists of everything i got.
    i keep cleaning everything and if someones sitting on the sofa as soon as they get up ive got to put the cushion straight, and if they are drinking a drink as soon as they've finished i have to wash it up i dont even give them a chance to put it down lol. i thought it would only last a day, which was yesterday. but its getting worse. i cant stand the thought of anything not being in its right place. My oh couldnt wait for this moment now he hates it. i cant sit still lol. xxx Nikki 34weeks today xxx
  • Haha, it's really good to know I'm not alone!

    Feel very bad saying this, but I've even got to the stage lately of wishing my cats would become outdoor cats - they're so bloody hairy, occasionally they poo in the hallway and there's always a risk that they'll bring in a rodent :evil: No chance of that happening though as they hate the cold and have barely ventured out all week (hence the poo in the hallway, I think).

    I also resent the fact that I can't have the door to my lovely nursery permanently open (as they jump in the cot and make it hairy, and for obvious reasons I don't want them thinking they're allowed in the cot). That's the side of the house the sun shines into, plus I love being able to have a peek in every time I go past.

  • i am only 15 weeks but am sure this has definately kicked in, yesterday i was absolutely knackered, i went on a mass rampage of my daughters toys, threw loads of stuff out that she doesnt play with (i know i am cruel) to try and make some room, also went on one with hubbys magazines chucked em all out, dont know why he wants to keep them and then went through the fridge and freezer just wazzing loads of stuff that had been in there for ages and were never gonna eat!

    as soon as i get home i am itching to start going through thimgs and chucking what we dont need, under the stairs is my next job!!

    Pinktoothbrush, i too know what you mean about the cats, we have 3 and i am sick to death of them, they are now confined to the kitchen/dining room and i dont let them in the rest of the house cause there is hair everywhere and they sit in the beds etc. Only thing is they now walk all over my worktops with there muddy paws and i am forever wiping them, and also i cant leave any food out as they eat it!!

    Nina xx
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