shortness of breath in early pregnancy


The above has been really annoying for me. I had not realised that shortness of breath could affect you so early (started about 7 weeks ish for me). I have had my asthma investigated and stuff but having had a google on the subject it seems like it is fairly common.

It is a really uncomfortable feeling like you can't get a proper breath and combined with feeling really tired, it has been a bit of a struggle the last few weeks - I have been grumpy at feeling so pathetic. The doctor did check and my blood is well oxygenated, I was a bit worried I wouldn't be getting enough oxygen so I am not panicking as much as I was.

Has anyone else had bother with this? It seems like there might not be a lot that can be done about it, any tips welcome though!

Thanks and sorry for the moaning - I suppose it is better than being sick. :roll:


  • Ive been like this and also getting my heart pounding when I am in bed or sometimes just sitting at my desk. My midwife checked my blood pressure which was fine and said that your body is pumping arouns about 30-50% more blood and your heart is therefore having to work harder to pump it so it is perfectly normal.

    I have not found anything that helps sorry honey ive just been trying to relax more, hot baths early to bed etc

    Georgie 16+2
  • Thanks Georgie, it was making me panic a bit at first but I have got a wee bit more used to it I suppose!

    I have found that doing nothing does help - I feel so lazy but luckily my husband is looking after me while I am lazing about. :\)

    It is strange that my doc didn't just tell me it is a fairly normal symptom. Maybe it's cos they got sidetracked checking my asthma and wondering if I was anaemic.

    I have to mention it to the midwife when I go for my 12wk scan and booking appointment - a week today eek!

    Thanks again

  • I thnk all doctors are different, I saw on the internet that it was pretty common, my friend got a once over too but my midwife didnt seem fussed, I guess it depends on your medical history. You midwife should be able to reassure you.

    ont worry about putting your feet up - if you cant get away with it now you never will and lets face it you will be rished off your feet now until your little one goes to school at least!

    16+2 xxx
  • hi, i have had this for ages now, i only mentioned it to my midwife a couple of weeks ago and she said it could be a symptom of anaemia or low iron, she took my bloods and lo and behold it came back with low iron, have got to wait another week till i see her now to find out if they are going to put me on supplements or what have you, but this could possibly be what is causing yours. have you had any blood tests yet?

    Nina 31+1 xx
  • Hi Nina,

    My doc suspected anaemia so he got blood tests done for that. My iron levels were good though. He said I might get anaemic later instead though!

    He has decided to write a letter for me to take when I see the midwife, but I expect that she'll just tell me it's normal . I hadn't heard of this as an early symptom before now - apparently it's those pesky hormones again!


  • ive had terrible shortness of breath wen i go up the stairs its like iv done a marathon but it may b cos im 28 weeks lol xxx
  • hi

    i was always under the impression that shortness of breath in pregnancy can be a sign of a lack of iron ie anemia, obviously unless ur further on then its more due to baby squashing ur lungs, but it shld be checked out in early pregnancy

  • ive had this was told iron all fine took palpatations and very short of breath around december time 18 weeks.went for loads of heart tests etc bloods were all still fine!i have now been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia! where and how i dont know and i dont know if its related to the short of breath some doc say just pregnancy some say others my only advice would be get your bloods done regularly if they dont do it you must ask x
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