Maternity bikini?

Do maternity bikinis exist and if so where can i get one? All i can seem to find are swimsuits and tankinis. I have not worn a swimsuit since i was about 11 and dont feel very comfortable getting one. I also dont understand why i should cover my belly if im only going swimming. Can i just wear a normal bikini but just one that will suoport my ever growing bust as opposed to the tiny triangle things that i doubt i will ever wear again!


  • I would just wear a normal bikini! I wore just a normal tankini from primark even when I was overdue and went swimming. There are lots of underwired bikinis, you just have to shop around. If boob size is an issue then Bravissimo do bikinis in bra sizes D cup and over!
  • I had one from Vertbudet (spelling?) when I was pregnant with Millie. I find that as your bump gets bigger the non maternity ones roll down at the front (very flattering!) so if you can get one a maternity one might be better.
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