Am I being paranoid - funny milk

I know this will probably sound really silly and like I'm over paranoid, but this morning I drank a couple of sips of milk that just wasn't quite right. It smelt fine and didn't seem 'off' at all but there were little bits floating in it. It was a new bottle of milk that I had just opened and was best before 7th Jan. I decided not to drink anymore of it and opened another new bottle which didn't seem to have these bits in it. I haven't felt baby move around very much at all today and he is normally very active. Have I harmed him at all?

Please tell me if I'm being a total wally - this is my first pregnancy ever, so I am worried about everything. Not normally a worrier at all!

20 + 6


  • Hi ya

    This happened to me at work a few months back when i was around 24 weeks and i'm now 34+6, try not to worry i'm sure your lo will be fine and could just be having a quiet day on the kicking front hun.

    If you're really concerned give your midwife a call that's what they are there for.

    Take care x

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  • Thanks for your reassurance Gem. It's funny that since I posted this, he has kicked a little more. It's actually really hard to get hold of my midwife. I have a 'non-emergency' number, but this is always on answerphone and so I know they won't even listen to that message until Monday morning at the earliest. The other option is to phone the emergency number, which I don't think this really is. My husband thinks everything will be fine. Just wanted a bit of advice from you all on here as you are always so helpful.

    Thanks again

  • No problem...i sometimes think our little ones play games with us!! Our mw is the same if ever i need to speak to anyone i just ring the ward now and speak to a mw there it's the quickest and easiest option.

    Pleased he is kickin more now! take care x
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