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Hi all, i received my Angel Sounds Doppler yesterday and had a play with it last night and again this morning. Now,i'm just not sure if i'm using it correctly or whether it may be too soon for me to hear anything (i'm 10 +6 today).
I used the gel and placed the actual doppler over my tummy (low down towards my pubic bone) and i can hear lots of whoosing noises and heard *a* heartbeat this morning but how do i know whether it's my own? Sorry for all the questions and any advice on how you all use yours would be gratefully received :\)
Oh, and how hard to i press it against me?



  • Hi hun, i only got my doppler this week so not really sure if it's too early for you to hear, I know my midwife wouldnt listen until I was 14 weeks, so dont panic if oyu cant find it. When I first used mine I listened to my own by putting it near my heart and then when I found the baby's it was a lot faster so knew it wasnt mine!! Midwife presses fairly hard sometimes so shouldnt harm baby, I have to put a little pressure on to find it. Hope you get on ok, it's amazing to hear and really reassuring.
    Lisa 18 wks today!! xx
  • At your gestation, they baby's HB would be very fast, so if the HB you heard was fast, it was baby's! If it was MUCH slower, really noticeably slower, then it was your own. Try and make sure none of your arms / hands etc. are near to your body / tummy area so your HB isn't picked up.

    I find you have to press quite hard and I am 34weeks! (ok but podgy!)

    Turn up the volume full blast too, as baby does move around lots so it'll be hard to pick up!

    Its very early for you to hear it yourself tho, so please don't panic if you can't!

    Joo xxx
  • Hiya, I have the Angel Sounds Doppler. I was able to pick up a heartbeat from about 9wks but not every time I used it, plus this is my 2nd child and they say its easier when you've had a child cos your uterus is higher up.
    I found I could pick it up if I placed it very low down on my actual pubic bone actually in the hairy bit (TMI I know but couldn't think of any other way to describe it) , Put the gel on both you and the dopper .I've only just started picking it up on my tummy and I'm 7mths. You don't have to press very hard if you can hear your heartbeat thats hard enough.
    From the position you said you put it I'd assume the heartbeat was yours. The baby's sounds like horses galloping. Have a listen to yours so you get used to the sound and when you hear one which is a lot more rapid that'll be the baby's. Try counting, our hearts beat about 80 odd times a minute and the baby's about 130. Once you've heard the baby's you'll be able to tell the difference. Thats the trouble with the angel sounds one its cheap but has no digital reader counting the beats for you.
    Good luck with the search and don't panic if you can't find it I was nearly 12 wks before I found it with my first bubba xxx
  • Thanks girls, thank god i can come on here and ask all of you lot!!
    I'll have another go tonight and see what i can hear and if i can only hear my own then i'll leave it another week and try it again (whilst trying not to get into a panic lol!!)

    Is it best to be laid down to do it too?
  • I have only used mine lais down and presume that this is the best way!!
    Lisa xx
  • you are most likely to be too early for the baby's heart to be heard,

    i went to see my midwife when i was 11 weeks (i thought i was 10) as i had a bit of scare. The midwife said then that they usual dont find the heart beat that early and explained that the baby is so low down that my pelvic bone was in the way and you cant get the ultrasound to go through the bone (hence it cant be heard). plus the baby's heart is very small at that point!!

    Anyway it turns out the scare was just that - and everything was ok. If i was you I would wait until after your 16 week appointment before trying and only try on the day that the midwife tries so that if you cant find it you wont be stressing. After that you should be fine to check whenever ... image

    Hope this helps...
  • Wow, thanks for all your replies - sorry, not had chance to come back on earlier.
    Snappyloz - thanks for that information that sounds really good and to geordie_lass too.
    I wish i'd bought it to work with me lol just so i can have another play, i'm determined to find that heartbeat - i've seen it when we went for the scan so just need to hear it now :lol:

  • Hiya Kelly

    I got my angelsonds last week and couldnt find anything with it,but at 10 weeks exactly i could find it.
    My tips are have a full bladder as this pushes up the urterus,i only seem to be able to find baby first thing in the morning..

    Also i have my other hand on my juggular because then u can tell which is your Hb and babys.
    I always lay down on the bed but some people suggest laying on the bed with your legs draped over the edge of the bed so this stretches your tummy out more.

    Also if you can hear the swooshing of the planecnta and yourown HB baby isnt far away..

    Good luck hunni .

    xx xx
  • Yeah 10 weeks is a bit early hun, Got mine after 12 weeks and could only hear swishing noises. Didn't pick up heart beat until about 14 weeks and its really low down and I mean really low so don't panic. I think it says on the box after 12+6 weeks.
    Use lots of gel and I hear baby oil also works really well!
  • Ohh thats a point thanks for remidning me Tracey,i never hear babys HB if i use the gel,only seem to be able to find it if i use baby oil,so give that a bash hun.

    xx xx
  • Well i tried it again last night exactly as you girls suggested.I heard my heartbeat and the whoosing noises of the placenta but i just couldn't hear bean's heartbeat :cry:

    I'm trying not to worry about it and putting it down to maybe just being too early to hear. I've seen bean's heartbeat when i had my scan so i know it's there lol, i just wish i could hear it :cry:

    11 weeks today!
  • Hi Kelly i found my baby at exactly 11 wks very clearly. I have to say though i used different headphones as i cant really hear anything on the ones that come with it.
    I am now 12 wks and it is getting a little easier to find but not always! little monkey is wriggling too much lol
    Try better headphones and i am sure you will find it xxx
  • I found hb at 10+4.
    I find it easier with moisturiser rather than the gel. Also turn it up loud - I use my ipod earphones as hb can sometimes be v quiet.
    I always lie on back, full bladder helps too. Go slow and listen in the background as sometimes it;s so quiet you can miss it.
    Ph also, sometimes our bean has been so far left it has surprised me - so don't just listen in the centre!

    Don't worry if you can't find it - sometimes I only find it for a few seconds before baby moves again!

    Good luck x
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