Whats up with my emotions!!

I cant stop crying!! Really dont know whats up, im 6+5 and im soooo happy to be pregnant but the slightest thing is making me cry, i couldnt park the other day so just stoped the car and cried!! image
Husband doesnt know what to do with me and the last few days i just seem to be down :cry:


  • Welcome to pregnancy hormones hunny, It comes and goes but at times it feels like the end of the world. Its completly normal as are the angry mood swings. Just means your body is cooking up all the baby growing hormones to keep your bean safe and well. (((HUG)))
  • I am having one of these days, ok weeks, too. I hope it is just hormones as it really does feel like the end of the world!

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Bec 26+4 x

  • Goonie, glad to know im not the only one! Hope your feeling better soon!
  • You're definitely not the only one, its not nice though is it :\(

    My husband keeps saying I've changed, very helpful and oh so considerate! Not!

  • lol, thats what i got. He really didnt know what to do with me last night! Oh if only he realised there is plenty more to come! :lol:
  • I want to swap my husband for one of the compassionate ones image

    It really doesn't help when you're already feeling super emotional!

  • Hormones make you so up and down - its horrid sometimes.

    Most of the time I have not been so bad, but other times, I have picked petty fights with hubby and its been awful as we never argue! He fights back at my hormones though and doesn't just "let me do my hormonal thing"!!! So that makes it worse... I cried and cried a few nights ago and he was asking me what was wrong and I was just saying "I don't know!" in between loud, snotty sobs! I laid in bed crying all night!!!

    Joo xxx
  • I was like this in the beginning. X-Factor was my worst enermy as always made me cry without fail!

    I also cried at lots of different adverts even though I had seen them a hundred times. The PDSA one was worse which is weird coz I hate dogs! But just the plee for help for them sent me into meltdown!

    Have to say although Hubby used to find it funny he was very undertstanding and still is if I do have a wobble but have to say my emotions are quite well in check at the moment...

    Am waiting for the later stages of pregnancy for the emotions to come back!
  • I was just about to post about this! I have been feeling so stressed uptight and angry for the past couple of days, and i really don't know why...it must be the hormones! I really need to snap out of it as i know it's not good for me or the lo.

    I've been trying really hard not to take it out on my husband, but i'm afraid he does tend to get the brunt of it!
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