baby counters rong nikkie graham

nikkie yours is saying youv 45 days left and mines sayin dat im 33wks nd 6 days yours is sayin 33 wks nd 4 days youv 45 days left and ive 53????i tink day mite be wrong haha!!!!!!!

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  • Excuse me can somone please tell me how i put these tickers on and keep them on wihtout having to copy and paste them everytime I need to reply. Thank you girls so much its driving me nuts xx

  • unfortunatly u av t do t all the time but im real confused cuz ine and nikkies are 2 days apart but yet i av 53 days and she has 45 a bit confusing!!!!!!!!

  • hiya lol im confused too.. whats ur due date?
    on here it says im due in 46 days lol..
    i think you've got your weeks wrong aswell im due the 14th dec..

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  • im not due till d 22nd and dis says i av 54 days left i dun it again and its saying the same did you put in your period date?or jus ure due date??

  • My due date.. ive put in yours in on lily pie and it says uve got 53 days left and ur 32 weeks and 3 days.. and at the bottom of ur one you say ur 33 & 6 days which i think its the bit thats wrong...

    heres ur ticker i did with ur due date as the 22nd Dec

  • aw dya no wat i was doin putn my period date in aswell like an egit ryt but now 4 d hard bit how do i save it cuz at d mo im jus copying it from lilypie

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