Pushchairs - how much would you spend?

Sorry if this is a cheeky question but this will be our first baby and we have been looking at pushchairs. The one we like is a Jane Nomad ad comes with the pushchair, carrycot, car seat, foot muff, bag, and raincovers. This comes to approx ??600. Are we mad to be considering this??


  • In a word - yes!!! :lol: Sorry just had to say that.

    We just bought ours yesterday for ??119. We're young and skint but it was a fantastic buy, we were messing around with it all nite and it's really easy to set up and use. I did want one with a carrycot but they're very expensive so we got the graco mirage travel system in the end. The only bad thing about it is u can't use the rear-facing seat (car seat) for long journeys and have 2 use the forward-facing bit, it's still suitable for a newborn but I always think rear-facing is better for the first few months.

    I think ??600 is a bit much. You can get one with everything inc. for about ??300. But if u can afford it and have your heart set on it then go for it!
  • I looked at a similar package, now i have had a good think and to be honest i dont think i will use much of the carry cot so am looking at a carseat pushchair option which is lightweight. It really depends on weather you will use all the items?
  • I think its a really personal choice, we spent around the same on a Bugaboo Cameleon - I really love it and am very happy with our decision. That said it is a lot of money and there are a lot of fantastic travel systems for a lot less, my brother and his wife have a Jane and they think its great and I have read some good reviews on them so I think if you want to spend the money its a great system to go for.
  • Shop around for the one you really want - I saved ??130 on my Quinny Buzz, ??40 on car seat and base... and I would imagine you could get more off in the January sales too... I got mine from kiddicare.com and they were fab. Like Lottie says, it's a personal choice because evryone requires different things for their lifestyle.
  • try pramworld.co.uk, they always seem a little cheaper than other places. There shop is based near where I live and I've bought two prams from them now, they are very helpful and if you can't see what you want they can usually get it for you.
    Good luck
  • try pramworld.co.uk, they always seem a little cheaper than other places. There shop is based near where I live and I've bought two prams from them now, they are very helpful and if you can't see what you want they can usually get it for you.
    Good luck
  • I have bought the Quinny Buzz travel system and it was about ??500-??600- it is alot of money but if you really want the jane I would say go for it. With my first I had my heart set on a particular Mamas and Papas pram but picked a cheaper one and then regretted it.

    If you feel you can't afford that kind of money then why not but the pushchair and car seat but not the carrycot- or use the carry cot at night instead of buying a moses basket (these can be about ??80). Another alternative would be to find a store that allows you to reserve your pram and pay by installments, then your not out all of the money in one go.

    I think the Jane prams are cool- my sil has one and her twins are three she is a fitness fanatic and walks for miles with it and its still like new so its obviously very hard wearing.

    This might sound stupid but it is a difficuld decision to make so don't rush into it and try to be practical as well as stylish. As the others have said shop around.
  • If you have the money go for it! The one we really wanted (loola) was too expensive for us and we ended up ordering the silver cross 3d system for ??270. Middle of the road and small enough for our wee house.
  • it is a lot of money, i brought an expensive one for my first and too be honest felt like it was a waste of money as they go into strollers pretty quick so the time they spent in the pushachair made it a waste of money. But it is always personal choice. I am mad as I have a perfectly good double pushchair but dont like it anymore so buying a different one for when this one comes!

  • Hi emsie, i have the jane slalom Pro Matrix and i absolutly love the system. It was about ??550. With this system you get the car seat but it turns into a carrycot and you can have it lying down in the car and to be honest it has been a life saver from the word go. My lo was 6lb 14oz when born but was really tiny so when i put it in the car seat position she was all slumped so i used it laying down for a while in the car and i knew she was comfy! She is 5 months old now and i still use the car seat and have not yet used it in the pushchair mode. It is also really easy to push and fold up I LOVE IT can you tell?? (think i could be a jane slalom seller lol)

    Go with whatever you want to chick its totally up to you i know that i would of been annoyed if i got a different one but wanted this one although my parents paid for it so that made my decision ALOT easier.

    Kirsty and Macey x
  • If you can afford it buy it. I would say think very carefully to make sure that it does exactly what you want it to, if you walk a lot check the suspension is good, if you use the car a lot check that it fits easily in the boot for example but if it ticks all the boxes it is probably worth the money. When I was pregnant last time I was fortunate enough to be bought my pushchair by my mum and dad. We went (after a lot of recomendations) for a bugaboo chameloen and I can honestly say that it is the best baby thing we have had. I know alot of people say that they switched to a cheap stroller once the baby was bigger but for us this just wouldn't have worked. Millie loves the fact that she is higher up and I love the suspension and the fact that I can face her in either direction. I am still so pleased with it that when it was stolen a couple of months ago (car was stolen, pushchair was in boot!) I never even considered replacing it with anything else (I could have had the money from the insurance, bought a cheaper pushchair and kept the difference) At the end of the day you will probably use your pushchair more than anything else you buy so to me it is worth the money to get one you are really happy with.
  • I'm not quite sure of the make but my sister in law got a REALLY expencive Pram but had another child right after the one she got the pram for the first, so it got very little use as she needed something lighter in weight as she has had problems in pregnancy and wasnt aloud to carry ANY weight and then she needed a double.

    I think they spent arounf ??600 odd dont know the exact amount but they are letting us buy it for a mear ??100 which I am thrilled about! Its barely been used and the child who was in it was family!

    what a touch!

    It might be worth asking around you can get what you want at much less of the cost?

    Failing that I took a friend to see a cot advertised on Gumtree yesterday, It was in beautiful nick, the house was lovely big and clean and your under no obligation to buy it if your not intrested plus you can see photos before you go...

    Maybe another way to get what you want without paying the full price... I know some poeple can be funny about seconds but if you think about it, it was only a baby in there before and you can judge yourself by the house ect...
  • Wow a Silver Cross Balmoral - they look amazing! Am so impressed. What is it like to push?

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  • It is completely personal choice, however remember all the other things you will need to buy! I can't believe how expensive it is nowadays!!! My first daughter is now 9 and at the time we brought the full works including carrycot, this was reduced to ??350 in the sales. In all honesty if it was not for us living in a flat at the time then I don't think we would have used the carrycot. We had a crib to begin with but found the carrycot on the chassis was extremely useful for the first two months - we would wheel her beween our bedroom and living room so her sleep was not affected but she was constantly near (hardly using the crib at all)!!! Due to the 9 year gap this time I wanted a new fresh system - I went for a basic Mama & Papas Luna pushchair (which was reduced to ??85). Normally retails for ??135 but they were introducing a newer version which had slightly more padding. I did purchase all the accessories and car seat, base and adaptor that goes with it but in total it came to about ??250 (I did shop around for best offers). However I know this will have real good use as the pushchair can be used from birth up until he no longer needs to use one. I comes in a wide range of bright colours and is extremely lightweight and compact so will be east to transport and store.

    My friend has one so I have been having a try - it seems very easy to push.

    Good luck.

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